Encounters: A Ride On The 2 Train

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I want to thank Justtcheser, a twenty-year-old, up and coming writer and poet for sharing this post. It should make us all stop and realize that WE ALL ARE ONE. Same blood. Same heart. Same soul. Same Spirit–in Us all. Onward through the fog. ;) I heard a voice ..." find me." Show me how.


Sometimes when I sit down I wonder,

When you look at me what do you see?

I sit down, and begin to rock,

The journey begins….

Wheels turn,

Lights flicker,

The train shifts,

And bowed heads rise.

It begins.

Light dances between our bodies,

And makes room for my blackness to shine through.

Can you see it?

Rising further…

The ground rumbles,

The drums of my people call to us as they celebrate our union.

We are one.

Can you feel it?

My spirit remembers…

It remembers when we ran together,

Hunted together,

side by side,

One people united by one song.

The song of life.

Brothers and sisters in spirit,

We ran,

Side by side because we are one.

Can you remember it?

Time tried to steal our memories,

But I keep mine.
My heart can’t forget,

Our song beats a rhythm in my blood.

Can you hear it?

Our heads rise and our eyes finally meet…

The gateway has been opened,

And my truth lies bare for you to see.

Are you ready to hear my truth,

Are you ready to hear my song?

Can you see the majesty?

Embedded in mahogany flesh…

What do you see?

I extend an ebony hand,

Marred with the struggle and pain of my people,

I take the first step.

Are you ready to hear my story,

And join me as we sing our ancestral songs.

Remember our history…

how we began….

A white hand extends forward,

Weighted down by the blood on your forefathers hands;

A wall of the ideas of your upbringing block our path;

You reach past.

Our hands join.
The deed is done.

Healing lies beyond.
I rejoice in the progress which has been made.

The train shifts again,

And I am drawn to reality.

Our eyes meet,

You flinch,

look away.

I know what you see…..

I sigh and pick up the pieces of my broken dreams,

Temporarily torn asunder,

I pick myself up...

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