Enthusiasm is Contagious

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Enthusiasm is Contagious

You can do anything when you’re motivated.

I remember those words as clear as rain.

My coach, my mentor --my publisher, told me this over and over again.

He shouted don't quit! Don't you give up! He said you got a story to be told.

Enthusiasm is the fuel that keeps you going when presented with great challenges.

When listening to someone talk about their goals you can feel their zeal and can make it spread by being excited for them.

To encourage them to never refrain from aggressive challenges.

This stance will hold them in good stead to deliver greatness despite the odds it may entail.

Make the move to be excited about what you’re doing and help others feel the same way about what they’re doing.

To improve on the quality of a dream -- an idea needs enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

Make it spread.

Everything is Possible.

I never would have written this book without M LeMont's enthusiasm

and helping me overcome my fear.

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