Good & Evil

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Good & Evil

Copyright ©WHBone Publishing, April 2020

by M LeMont


The President of the United States

requires no formal education

no experience

bad credit bankruptcy okay

on the job training 4yrs to learn

if you royally screw up

get impeached twice

incite an insurrection

full pay, pardons, benefits

bodyguards and jet plane

“An evil enemy

will burn his own nation

to the ground…

to rule over the ashes.” Sun Tzu


Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you ... The 45th President of the United States of America

My Fellow Americans,

I came, I saw, I conquered

We took back our great country

from the radical left & won our freedoms

they have treated you so unfairly

I stand before you with no pardons

just a few pocket pardons for me

and my family, undoubtedly this will be enough.


Damn dude after 4,000 years

chained in the bottomless pit

you didn't learn shit

How could you f*ck up so much?

Jan 6, 2021, Donald J Trump: I know your pain I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side but you have to go home now. We have to have peace we have to have law and order we have to respect our great people and law and order we don't want anybody hurt it's a very tough period of time there has never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us from me from you from our country this was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people we have to have peace so go home We love you you are very special you've seen what happens you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil I know how you feel but go home and go home in peace We love you you are very special.


Peter Navarro told The Beast, “We spent a lot of time lining up over 100 congressmen, including some senators.

It started out perfectly. At 1 p.m., Gosar and Cruz did exactly what was expected of them,”

“It was a perfect plan. And it all predicated on peace and calm on Capitol Hill.

We didn’t even need any protestors, because we had over 100 congressmen committed to it.

So, Trump fucked up! Peter said, "We didn't need the mob."


"74 million are never going to return to reality. They are lost forever.." DW

George Carlin — 'Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.'

Satan Speaks Out

Trump will run again in 2024.

As usual, you don't recognize me. Don't worry, I'll introduce myself.

I will talk to you as the narrator, in first person, second person, and sometimes in third person. And you will listen.

You watched them all through history Hitler, Stalin, Putin, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden

Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Donald Trump, and many more.

Are you confused? Why?

It is I, the Devil who worshipped God for millions of years.

I was the greatest of all angels.

I deceived Eve by asking a question and casting doubt, “Did God really say, 'You can't eat from any tree in the garden'?”

I did the same in the 2020 Presidential Election.

I was more crafty, subtle, and shrewdest than any beast of the field.

I made 25% of the country believe a lie that the election was stolen and I won by a landslide.

Come with me and I will show you how I cause corruption in the world and how I manipulate, brainwash,

and make people HATE each other, LOSE faith in humanity… and in God.

And remember, it is I that is speaking to you within these pages. Satan.

Most of you will not accept what I’m going to reveal and even if you do, you will soon forget every word.

Oh, you may tell a friend or two and forward the link, but they won't believe it either.

Nevertheless, the truth is the truth as shocking as it may be.


My 4,000-year reign is up and the end is near.

I’m no longer acting as if I’m human. I say and do things in broad daylight for everybody to see.

I don't care about qualifications! I don't care! Find me the most corrupt vile evil people you can find.

Get out there bring them to me! WH staff, elected officials, mayors, senators, lobbyists

governors, judges, fundraisers, news hosts, crooks, kooks, and the deranged. We will rule America!

I don't do emails never have I don't write shit down don't like talking on phones high-tech tracking everybody.

Michael Cohen says, "Donald Trump riot committee bought burner phones at CVS."

When asked for a response on the 7-hour gap in his phone logs on January 6, former President Trump said,

"I have no idea what a burner phone is, to the best of my knowledge I have never even heard the term."

Sure, Donald! Rudy Giuliani had 18 burners and Michael Cohen had 16 during an FBI executed search warrant.


Oct. 29, 2020, Donald Trump told the mobs to stand back and stand by.

On Dec.19, 2020, he activated the mobs. 'Be there it's going to be wild.'

On Jan. 6, 2021, Trump told the mobs to ‘STOP’ what was going on in the Capitol.

Feb 22, 2022, Trump calls Putin's moves on Ukraine ‘smart’ and ‘savvy’ praises a serial killer, a mass murderer, says that's “pretty smart” for “taking over a country — really a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people.”

Feb 24, Full-scale invasion by Russia is underway. Putin's warning, “Whoever tries to impede us, let alone create threats for our country and its people, must know that the Russian response will be immediate and lead to the consequences you have never seen in history.”

The Devil is evil all the time. Russia says Ukraine has until 5am March 21, 2022, to surrender the besieged city of Mariupol, and anyone left behind "with the bandits" will "face a military tribunal." Ukraine rejects Russia's chilling threat.

"The Antichrist shall come before the end and wreak havoc on the world, and there will be no Truth in the land."

The Jan 6, Committee Member, Rep. Jamie Raskin, said Donald Trump is a "One-Man Crime Wave." "Guilty as Sin" and "Will Get His Comeuppance" over the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

One day, we'll sit back and think about it. You know... all the lies Donald Trump has told. Maybe we'll tell our grandchildren, and they will tell their children and include all the bad parts of how Democracy died. What a Time... What a Lie... What a Life.

And to that guy who said Covid would disappear like a miracle 1 person coming from China no masks don’t let them take away your freedom, and you secretly got vaccinated well listen up! The US just hit 1 million deaths while you secretly got a booster shot... Byyyytch!!!!

Now in case, you were wondering, "I'm a billion years older than you. I burn up the cosmos in the bright of day. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking how can I do that. Power! I have an unquenchable thirst for power!"

How long Dear God? Day: 438 Indictment Watch

Justice is close yet seems far away, but evil is right here. So close you can feel his breath. 'Kinzinger says January 6 panel is investigating Trump's involvement in insurrection. 182 minutes. What was he doing during the attack? We know he watches the news.' Well, goddamn he wasn't sitting on the stool! He was watching the events unfold.

Mother Jones reports, 'Trump claims Jan 6 was simply the "protest" against that supposedly nefarious day of invalid voting.' "I REVERSE IT, Trump now declares, "The Insurrection took place on November 3rd."

The BIG LIE. How about The BIG SAVE.

Donald Trump surrounded himself with people dumber than himself. This may have been what saved us. *

You gotta like the way this shit is going down. Trump once said, "If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth? Only Mobsters Plead the 5th." Now you got Roger Stone pleading the 5th and Steve Bannon in contempt.

Let me thank my crew-- loyalty is all that matters. We almost pulled it off. I want to thank all the coup plotters, crooks, and kooks, lackeys, coconspirators, and Republican Senators you are very special-- Barr Meadows Rudy Sidney Bannon Roger Kevin Clark Marjorie Gatez Graham Jordan Perry Alex Flynn Eastman Navarro Lindell Brooks-- and Jenna Ellis you tweeted, 'The Jan 6 committee is only mad because they can't date me.'

Yeah, Jenna, fuck that subpoena. Those dumb fuckers. We’ll drag that shit out in court. And MO Brooks I loved the line, "We're going to take down names and kick some ass!” That was great buddy.

Y'all stay strong and don't give in to the radical left Democrats. We won the election by a landslide, and everybody knows it.

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves."

Donald Trump's own children begged him to stop. Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham texted Meadows to get Trump to call it off. Hours went by. He obviously enjoyed watching the bloody scenes on TV. He did nothing. A week later, his Republican Senators acquitted him. He talks as if nothing happened, saying, "My speech on Jan. 6 was extremely calming.

But now the rope tightens slowly around their necks. Merrick Garland, what are you waiting on? You have all the evidence you need.

They presume he will resurrect in another form and be in Power.

Amazing all these players around waiting for my arrival

they honor me, use burner phones to call me, and come down to Mar-a-Lago to kiss my ring

If you are in my world, I control your fate

there can be no 'GOP' without me...

A monster that thirsts for power and feeds off your soul

Not in legions of horrid hell come a devil more Damn'd

In evils to top and keep the guise. Alas!

I blame you not, for you are mortal

mortal eyes cannot recognize the devil

Only his children adore him

Despise for they are evil

lay stones waiting on his arrival

We must cleanse your soul!

In the name of God,

I demand that you tell me your name!

What is your name!

Tell me your name!


My name is DAEDRA!!!!

F**k Off!


The Devil We Know

Bin Laden didn't fly the planes. But he was guilty.

Charles Manson didn't kill anyone. But he was guilty.

Hitler didn't operate the camps. But he was guilty.

Trump didn't storm the Capitol... But he planned, organized, promoted, 'Be There. Will Be Wild!' Incited, 'We’re going to walk down to the Capitol ... "You have to show strength, and you have to be strong. You must fight like hell if you don't fight like hell, you won't have a country anymore."

"There is a direct linkage between the former President and the events of the day." The words of a 3 judge-panel unanimously rejected Trump's bid to withhold documents and cover up the crime scene. "Lives were lost. Blood was shed."

Committee releases Meadows' texts with lawmakers and Trump's son

Liz Chaney said, "As the violence continued, one of the President's sons texts Mr. Meadows, 'He's got to condemn this shit ASAP. The capitol police tweet is not enough,' Donald Trump Jr. texted. Meadows responded, 'I am pushing it hard. I agree.'" "Donald Trump Jr texted again & again, urging action by the President. Quote 'We need an Oval Office address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far And gotten out of hand,' end quote.

"One text Mr. Meadows received from a lawmaker said quote 'We are under siege here at the Capitol.'"
"In a third, 'Mark, protesters are literally storming the Capitol, breaking windows on doors, rushing in. Is Trump going to say something?'

A fourth, 'There's an armed standoff at the House chamber door.' And another from someone inside the Capitol: 'We are all helpless.'"

When you trust one man above all else, science, medical experts, news networks, federal agencies–and defy your own common sense and well-being–when you believe that one man, whatever he says–you are fully indoctrinated into a cult.

Trump’s final remarks as president: “We will be back in some form — Have a good life. We will see you soon.”

____ Devil's Message To Man

Listen, come close–I’m singing you a song ♪♫ ‘Time is on my side… yes, it is. You always saying that you want to be free… but in the end, you always come running back to me.’ That’s true I do… I always come running back to you. (I come running back to God.) I want to tell you about my past lives, one in particular. I’m going to start from the beginning.

You see, old chap, I don’t want you to think that I’m making this shit up or lying about anything. Although I do lie…I lie a lot. The media has me lying over 30,000 times in four years. I’m pretty damn good at lying to people. I built a fortune on lying. Lying is one of my best virtues, and people love it. My ratings are way up. Have you seen them? Probably not, but that’s okay. You can check them out later. I tell you my life has been bloody hell. I’ve been here many times before and done a tremendous, amazing job.

I’ve been a preacher, dictator, king, president, and even a serial killer. When I die, I reincarnate into another body.

Every 5 seconds, a baby’s born–plenty of bodies, but I don’t have any say to which body I get in. The Boss takes care of that. Does that boggle your mind because it does mine?

I can’t believe that I’m permitted to talk about this, especially with all the Covid deaths going on. I’m mainly the cause for neglecting and downplaying the virus, not an entirely easy conclusion to arrive at when I blame everybody else and take no responsibility for anything. But I guess the end is near, so God’s mystery has to be revealed.

Now, let’s see, where do I start? I could start at the beginning, but that would take forever. So, let’s jump around back and forth in time.

“For in and out, above, about, below, Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow Show– Play’d in a Box whose Candle is the Sun, Round which we Phantom Figures come and go.” *


There was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels prevailed not. And the great dragon was cast out of heaven. That old serpent called the Devil, which deceiveth the whole world was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

That’s exactly what happened. Now we’re doing the same shit we did in heaven right here on earth-- raising hell. I got a grand plan, no quick plays. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will be like the Most High. I will be president one day and rule the world. I got a brand new talk, personality, and oratory skills. I will be a great leader.

No need for trick plays, for they will believe whatever I say. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK? It's, like, incredible.

I was caught on tape bribing foreign and US officials NO QUID PRO QUO, I said. I did nothing wrong. It's a 'Witch Hunt.' I even talked about dating women and some RINO recorded it on video. "I did try and fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a Bitch. Then all of a sudden I see her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful--just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. Grab 'em by the pussy." That was when I was the Republican candidate running for president. I still won! I have absolute immunity. I’ll give them tokens in exchange for their loyalty and dedication, but it’s all for my pleasure. Everyone will be amazed. Some will call me a powerful man–a great negotiator, and others will call me a stand-in for God.

The people will build great buildings and towers in the sky with my name on them. I’m man’s biggest cheerleader. I nurture his thoughts no matter how perverse they are and give him whatever he wants.

Man thinks he’s controlling things, but it’s me that’s doing it all. It’s my own private reality show, and I can’t keep from laughing. I’m streaking toward the finish line, and some will hate me and want to kill me, but that’s impossible.

I’m HIDDEN, in bodies until it’s time–time to carry out the purpose that I was created for. I did it in heaven, and I will do it again here on earth. And the whole time you’ve seen me walking around as a child, as a man, or woman–dressed in a suit, or wearing a stole around my neck, or maybe as that sweet, caring person you trusted.

And all that time, you didn’t know it was me–Satan, the Devil, the Dragon; I go by many names; Lucifer, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness. Call me whatever you want. When I bring death and chaos upon the world, you'll hear voices in your head, and just like that Whoosh! I’ll be gone with the SOULS I came for. This is not a war between Flesh & Blood ... It's a Spiritual War between Good and Evil.


Now I want to tell you about the time I almost died. Many have tried to kill me—gas chamber impossible, electrocution, hanging none of these things phase me, they don’t work. I’m immortal. They can kill the body, but they can't kill my soul. Only the Boss can do that, and He needs me to carry out His divine purpose. I am Evil Personified --a Worthy Adversary.

Let me begin with a cop that was a pain in my ass…

“Hi, Mr. Fields…. We’re glad to meet you. You know what to do from here.”

“Yes, I certainly do.”

“You’re wired, so we’ll be able to hear and record everything.”

“I hear the press is coming down pretty hard on the Peoples Temple and I have information that Jim Jones is making plans to flee to Guyana, South America to a compound in the rain forest along with 1,000 of his members. You know his bodyguards will search me, are you sure we’re good?”

“We’re good, Mr. Fields. They won’t detect a thing.”

The story you’re about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. This is the city–Los Angeles, California…population 4 million where everything under the sun goes on– evil people and impostors go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. I work here. I’m a cop, detective Kenneth Fields, homicide division. I’m also a paranormal investigator. You may not believe what you’re about to hear, at first, I didn’t believe it either.

It was April 26, 1976, it was a dull Monday morning that was insipid and lifeless as the weather outside. I found a business card inside my wife’s purse, with a suspicious note scribbled on the back of it. I had my reasons for snooping around. As a cop with the homicide division, I’m trained to pay attention to everything, to every mundane detail; like how I always look at the license plate when a car passes by or how my mind registers the facial expressions, the dilation of pupils, and overall body language when I’m talking to someone. Truth is hidden in the things we overlook. A cop knows, a cop sees and thinks over even the most casual things, seemingly oblivious to others.

My wife had been acting rather strange lately; there was a change in her behavior, and she was spending more time at church. Yes! You heard that right–she was spending a lot of time at church.

Now I don’t have anything against religion. While I consider myself to be a spiritual person, my wife wasn’t overly enthusiastic about church or prayer. It was one of those things that I had to compromise on at the time of our marriage. But her lack of faith never became a bone of contention in our marriage.

So it amuses me now, that my formerly less than enthusiastic wife has suddenly become an ardent admirer of a pastor and is always stuck in church! And when she started giving her allegiance to a pastor, whom she fondly called her beloved Father, then something is dreadfully wrong. So I made the call.

“Hello?” he said.

“Can I speak to Randy?”

“Who is this?”

“I’d like to speak to Randy Smith?”

“This is Randy.”

“I’m Kenneth Fields–I found a note with your name on it in my wife’s purse. It said, ‘Call me sometimes.’ Anyway, my wife is busy, is there anything I can help you with?”

“What is your wife’s name?”

“Her name is Marsha.”

“I don’t know any Marsha Fields, so I guess she never called me,” he laughs.

“What is it that you do, Randy Smith?”

“What do you mean? Like what is my occupation?”


“I’m a minister at the Peoples Temple under our beloved Pastor Jim Jones.”

“Is my wife a member of that fake, shenanigan church?”

“Why don’t you come see for yourself, Mr. Fields?”

“That’s a very tempting offer, I might just do that.”

“Okay, then. You got anything else to say?”

“Yea, one other thing. I heard you like cream in your coffee. Is that true?

“Yea, I guess you can say that.”

“Well, I like mine black. So you people better stay the fuck away from my wife, or you’ll regret the day you talked to me.”


The Reverend Jim Jones started the Peoples Temple in Indianapolis in the 1950s. And in 1965, he relocated to San Francisco, where he became known by his all-day revival meetings. He bused thousands of people to Los Angeles with promises of faith healings–curing people of cancer, making the blind see and the cripple walk, which later was revealed by insiders as an elaborate hoax to deceive and trick people to join the Temple.

He preached socialism and that everyone could be free and safe from a corrupt capitalistic government that was out to destroy them and that he was building a sanctuary in Guyana, South America.

Once the people became members, they were under his power, and he would have a mental hold over them through mind control, brainwashing, intimidation, and humiliation.

He convinced many followers that he was God reincarnated in a body, and they worshipped and called him Father.

“When I say, I am God, then I feel truth well up within my soul. And I see it well up in you, and I see the sick healed, and the blind see and the dead raised,” he shouted in a full-throated roar in a 1972 sermon. “You wanna know how I feel? I never felt so good when I say I am God.” *

Many sold their homes and gave the proceeds to the Temple as gifts, and had their monthly social security checks transferred to the church’s foreign bank accounts while they lived in the Temple’s facilities.

“He said he was Gandhi, Buddha, Lenin -- he said he was the coming back of anybody you'd ever want to come back. And we believed him.” *

As New West magazine stated in a publication, titled “Ten Who Quit the Temple Speak Out–” “It is literally impossible to guess how much money and property people gave Jim Jones in the twelve years since he moved his Peoples Temple to California.”

Jim Jones had also become the biggest name in politics; everyone sought his endorsement and his followers’ votes.

Some defectors had said that the Peoples Temple was a cult, disguised and operating as a church. If anyone was found having treasonous thoughts or disobeyed the church’s rules, they were punished by being beaten up openly with a wooden paddle, in front of the whole congregation. It served as a humiliating reminder of the fate of those who sought to betray the church and Jim Jones.

Members who defected were often found dead or missing under mysterious circumstances and apparently with no explanations.

Investigations were secretly underway by the FBI, CIA, and IRS, and local authorities. I often received threatening phone calls and letters to drop the investigation.

The calls would mostly be by men, speaking in baritone voices, and the sentences would almost always begin like this. “If you value your life or if there’s any human being you care about walk away from this case, Mr. Fields.” And I always wanted to say ‘I can’t do that it’s my job and you are hurting innocent people and my wife is one of them.’’’

Then there were calls like this one. “Hey, Fields F---- idiot, that’s what you are. You are f---- piece of shit—Trash. Jim Jones was sent here to save the world from people like you. You dumb motherf----- I’m going to find where you live You---piece of shit ---I can’t wait to get my hands on you---"

My investigation led me to other similar events that occurred in history with similar patterns, though these are off the rational, analytical realm of the real world. These are deeper spiritual truths mirrored in history, which often repeat themselves after intermittent gaps. If you look carefully back to the many events that shaped the course of humanity, the evolution of religion & its subsequent influence on society, you’ll recognize puzzling patterns. For every good, there was an equally powerful evil that worked in equal force.

The devil was in the business of holding bodies and minds captive to his vile & foul ideas. In Cain, the devil sowed the first seeds of evil in the form of immense anger & hatred for his brother Abel; in Pharaoh, he rose as the great dictator who held the Israelites in bondage for 400 years.

A few millennia down the line, he worked himself up as a 20th-century version of Pharaoh, only crueler though short-lived, in the form of Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the mass genocide of 6 million European Jews between 1933 and 1945.

You might be too young to remember Jonestown or any of the other atrocities that have occurred down through history. But not being aware is a crime in itself. Those that cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Whether you believe what I’ve uncovered or not, it is irrefutable. The facts are there for you to delve deeper. Life is a mystery and wrapped up in an enigma impossible to be solved.

There is always something happening, but when it happens, few people see it or understand it or accept it. You can’t see it unless your eyes are open. It starts with being aware because you’re not supposed to know.

It’s like the Illuminati, the Mafia, or the Skull and Bones Secret Society they’re not supposed to exist, but they do. Certain phenomena can only be explained if there is a God, and if there are Angels–and they are, they exist.

What really happened in 2016? How did Donald Trump get elected president? How could America let an insurrection happen and never hold him and his coconspirators accountable? And you think all this is a mere coincidence? You better think again.

This is a war against Good and Evil, or let me put it another way, a war between God and the Devil.

My name is Detective Kenneth Fields, and I have a lot more to tell you.

Continued ... Buy on Amazon, Fallen Hero Copyright ©WHBone Publishing, April 2020


Politics is the devil's playground

Flashback November 2016: "We won with the Evangelicals we won with young we won with old we won with highly educated we won with poorly educated 'I love the poorly uneducated' most loyal people..." Trump said this.

Stupidity is my opportunity

Adam Schiff Closing Speech Impeachment Trial: 'Is there one among you who will say, Enough!'? "We must say enough — enough! He has betrayed our national security, he will do so again. He has compromised our elections. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less, and decency matters not at all."

"You are decent," he added. "He is not who you are.”

And then on Jan 30, 2022... “If I run and I win, we will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly,” Trump said, at a rally in Conroe, Texas outside Houston, that appeared to number in the tens of thousands. “We will treat them fairly,” he repeated. “And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly.” At least 700 people were arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 insurrection, including 11 who have been charged with seditious conspiracy. Some have said they believed Trump was their Savior and would do anything for him.

Feb. 14, 2022, The Daily Beast reports: The Trump Organization's longtime accounting firm Mazars said it no longer wants Trump's business, as it doesn't trust the financial documents the Trump Org has given them. “The statements of financial condition for Donald J. Trump” ranging between 2011 and 2020 “should no longer be relied upon and you should inform any recipients thereof… that those documents should not be relied upon."

Not in legions of horrid hell come a Devil more ... Damn'd. Come and trace his coming 2,000 years ago.

April 25, 2022, The Most Explosive interview of the year 2022. Morgan vs Trump

Trump: "Okay, Piers I'm ready."

What do you think of yourself?

"I think I'm a very nice man, much more honest than you actually."

Really? "I do now, yeah."

How can you ... the hard evidence, you lost.

Only a fool would think that I don't think you're real."

"Let's finish up the interview. Turn the camera off. Very dishonest." Watch Clip

Not in legions of horrid hell come a Devil more ... Damn'd. Come and trace his coming 2,000 years ago.


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