Hidden Secrets

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How To Cope with Intense Drama

by M LeMont & Taylor Green

Do you have family or childhood experiences you've kept secret? Do you know why the pain still hurts?

The Boogieman is hidden in the closet, and he wants to come out.

The True Story of Beth Wellington.

Mamma yelled, “How does that feel?” still pinching Fred’s thigh. You don’t ever hit your little brother Billy … Ever!! You think you’re tough?? There, does that hurt?!!’ She pinched it even harder.

Fred screamed, “Please Stop!! You’re hurting me. I’m sorry!”

I hated Mamma, I hated what she was doing, Fred didn’t deserve any of it… tears kept coming down his eyes, so much pain and for what?? Billy was looking red and guilt-ridden…for causing all this.

Mamma just kept pinching Fred and wouldn’t let go. I cried and screamed, “Leave him alone!” I pushed Fred away as hard as I could. I grabbed the broom and shoved it to Mamma. I fell to the floor. “There take it!” I yelled, “Hit me! Hit me! You leave Fred alone!” I cried.

Then Mamma stared down at me with wild eyes full of hate. I didn’t care– I just wanted it to stop.

“Beth!” she held the broom over her head and screamed, “Get your ass off that floor!”

I screamed back at her, on my knees with my arms stretched out “Hit me! Hit me! Do it!!” I said it over and over again.


If someone had a terrible childhood then their parents probably did too and their parents before them... and the cycle continues. Read Beth Wellington’s Story–how she broke the cycle of physical & psychological abuse at the hands of a dysfunctional family. She took care of her sick mother, schizophrenic brother, and sister on Kidney Dialysis three times a week, and the sad part, none of them knew they all were mentally ill.

“Haunting, Unforgettable story and to think that all of it really happened.” ~P Morgan

Every 13 minutes someone in the United States dies by their own hand. More than 41,000 died last year and 1,400,000, suicide attempts.

One out of every four people suffers from some form of mental illness and goes undiagnosed until tragedy strikes. If you know someone that has abusive parents or has been emotionally abused or bullied, they could have a mental disorder. This book is not a medical manual, but instead, it's an inspiration and self-help guide to give victims hope and to increase awareness. It is based on a true story of how one woman found the courage and strength to survive the cruelty and emotional trauma of her family. It's an intense real-life drama, intriguing and poignant. It deals with serious challenges related to mental illness and could be upsetting for some people who have endured similar incidents of trauma.

If you liked the Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls memoir of growing up in her dysfunctional family then you want to read How to Cope with INTENSE DRAMA and SURVIVE it will bring chills down your spine.

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“Refreshingly Raw, Profound & Honest.”

~C Burnett

“Drama that never ceases … a real page-turner...” ~Buzz