How 4 numbers can turn your life around

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I received an email chock-full of good information about how to drive a flood of traffic to your website; more visitors, more link clicks lead to more sales, that can turn your life around. There are over 5 million books on Amazon and once a year one or two unknown authors become famous. It's all about doing as many right things as possible like fishing and putting as many fishing poles, in as many ponds as possible. Although the article was written in 2016, the strategies are still applicable today and more importantly, will cause your brain cells to go haywire and find new ways to use the ideas. Believe me--you want to read this article! I've already written promotional tweets and blog posts using this information for the coming year. I will write about my results in future posts.

Now read the article below and see how using 4 numbers like 2018 in your marketing campaigns and keywords can take your sales to the moon.

Best Twitter Book 2018


I want to thank the writer for the time, dedication, and sacrifice it took to write this article.
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How Four-Numbers Can Send You Millions of Visitors from Google in 2016

Posted: 22 Dec 2015 04:58 AM PST

I know I’m sharing this at the point of the year when everyone is winding down and preparing for the holiday season, but that’s exactly why I’m sharing it: So you jump-start your success in 2016 in a way you never thought possible. I know my headline may make you skeptical, but I will back up the title in a very big way. I don’t believe in writing a headline to get your attention and not fulfilling the promise in the following content.

Welcome to Inc Idea #9, where three things are happening for the first time ever.

1) I’m sharing this Inc. update as a public blog post, when I normally share them behind closed doors.

2) I will actually be following this strategy myself.

3) I almost didn’t share it because I think it’s that good but my scarcity mindset has since been eradicated after doing more research.

What holiday? It’s time to grind!

As mentioned, this niche idea is the first time I’ve ever found myself thinking, “This idea has a little too much potential, I should probably keep this one for myself.”

Luckily for you, I caught my scarcity mindset pretty early on and have decided to give this idea the full ViperChill go-over. This is only the second time that I will be following my own niche idea so hopefully, that piques your interest for what’s about to come.

The whole idea behind this series was that I share these ideas because they’re stuck in my head – but I don’t want to distract myself with too many projects – so I share them via my newsletter, for free.

In the not too distant future you will see me personally using this here on ViperChill – I’m hesitant to say that as I don’t want to give myself too much competition – but this is also a reminder to myself to be always thinking bigger.

Don’t think about the competition. Think about domination.

Be on a whole ‘nother level to anyone trying to get a slice of your income or audience.

As with the idea I shared last week, I have decided to push this to the front of the queue because it’s fairly time-sensitive and something you should be taking advantage of.

Unlike last week, the core concept is entirely mine, so I’m 99.99% certain you won’t have or won’t be hearing this from anywhere else.

It All Started With a Business Book
Or rather, the search for a business book.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook where I’ve been more active recently (follow me!) then you’ll see that every two weeks I have been setting new disciplines for myself which I hope to turn into habits.

The first discipline was becoming an early-riser.

The second was quitting alcohol.

And the third, the most recent, was dedicating more time to reading and trying to finish two books per week.

Since I’m fresh out of books on my Kindle – I’ve just finished reading The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone for the second time – I decided to search for some recommendations.

I’m not a fan of fiction books, so I headed on over to Google and searched for “best business books” where the results came from the likes of Business Insider and an array of personal development blogs.

Sadly, most of the results suggested books I had read a year or two prior.

I then naturally flipped up my search query to, “best business books of 2015” to get some more recent suggestions.

I started looking through the new recommendations and then suddenly had to STOP.

It doesn’t matter that I meditate daily, this mind of mine is constantly in overdrive.

I had to head on over to Google trends. “How many people do what I just did?“, I thought.

How many times in the past year have I searched for something with the numbers 2015 on the end to make sure I get the latest results.

I know I’ve searched for,

“Best affiliate offers 2015” this year.

“Science behind meditation 2015”.

“top goal scorers 2015”.

And on the list goes.

As you probably see where I’m going with this, we’re about to head into 2016 and those hundreds of millions of search queries are going to change.

Could you capitalize on what is about to happen? Do you instantly see the potential here? Is there any potential? Let’s find out…

Cool Idea: But Is There Actually Any Potential?
I know there are billions of search queries entered into Google every single day, but maybe I’m just one of those weird few – an oddball – that likes to prefix his search terms with 2015 to get the latest results, instead of just trusting Google or using their other search filters.

To test the idea, we can get on over to the trusty Google Trends, which is described perfectly by its name.

Since my hunt for good business books were the inspiration for this idea, let’s first look at the Google Trends chart for “best business books 2015” and “business books 2015”.

Both terms have spikes at the start of the year, which only keep increasing as time goes on, reaching a peak at years end.

This makes a lot of sense since you can’t really judge the best books until the year is coming to a close. That being said, the spike at the start of the year still suggests a lot of potential to me.

What if I check “best movies 2015” and “best movie 2015” together?

Before hitting enter in Google Trends, I assume the increase in search volume as the year goes on will be very similar.

Once again, there’s a nice spike at the start of the year that only continues to grow as time goes on. I’m actually surprised there are spikes in January. People aren’t giving the film industry much time to make the year’s best movie, heh.

Searching for “Top goal scorers 2015” provides a graph that is a little more interesting.

Notice the spike up until May 2015 and then the dip until August.

This can easily be explained since the EPL, the English Premier League comes to a close in May and starts up again at the beginning of August.

Continuing to look at other angles, another query, “best album 2015”, has a very interesting spike at the start of February

The reason I wanted to show this example is because you don’t have to wait until the end of 2016 to benefit from ranking for 2016-related search terms. I’ll get to queries with a lot less competition in a moment, but – coinciding with the Grammys – even search terms like ‘best album’ can hit their peak at the beginning of the year.

It’s interesting to note that the Google keyword planner doesn’t actually seem to match Google Trends at all, with a higher figure in November than February and a steady climb across the year.

I am honestly not entirely sure why this is – some forum threads suggest they use similar datasets – but trends may be a ‘normalisation’ of the data whereas the Keyword Planner is focused on more accurate numbers.

Last but not least, let’s throw one more generic niche into the ring with “Video games 2015” and “best games 2015” side-by-side.

Video games 2015 doesn’t seem to get too much love but best games 2015 gets a huge spike early on with an almost vertical line, suggesting that this term is hot any time of year.

Hate Me or Not: Please Make Money With This (Because I Sure Will)
I’ve received enough criticism from writing at ViperChill over the years to last me a lifetime. I truly have the best intentions with everything that I write, but when you only know someone through the words you read on a screen, there’s no way of knowing an author’s true interests.

One article which received the most negative criticism was five years ago when I revealed that Google sent a three-month old website of mine almost 1 million visitors in February. (As a side note, it’s funny to see how much shorter my articles were back then).

Why did I get hated on?

Well, simply…people didn’t believe me.

It is out of people’s reality that a young website could get so much traffic from Google. Ironically, those same people will probably justify a billion dollar valuation for a three-month-old iPhone app, but that’s the internet for you.

The terms that sent me the most traffic back in 2010, alongside how many visitors they sent, were:

Vancouver 2010: 41,270
Super bowl 2010: 32,836
Olympics 2010: 6,216
Valentines day ideas: 5,688
I didn’t bold it, but hopefully you see that the year in those search queries played a big part in why I was successful. The writers for the site were covering these topics frequently and receiving a lot of traffic for doing so.

Two and a half years later, in July 2013, I talked about the topic again. I even titled the post ‘Why I Think ViperChill is Some Sort of Scam‘ (link here), referring to the negative feedback I got on the original article but continuing to talk about taking advantage of hot trends to get a ton of traffic from Google.

Well, it turns out that this blog post is going out two and a half years later once again, so love me or hate me, at least make money with what I’m about to tell you, because I know I’m going to be.

Finding the Keywords That Will Make You $
The examples above were simply that; examples. I don’t expect to rank for ‘best album 2016’, even if I have an exact-match domain name. I expect and MTV and whoever else will dominate those search rankings as soon as they write a single article on the topic, regardless of how many backlinks they receive.

I also don’t expect to rank for ‘top goalscorer of 2015’ since FIFA, the BBC and the EPL website will probably be up there. Alongside everyone else who is featured in Google News or creating content for Google-properties like Youtube.

That being said, I wouldn’t actually want to rank for those terms.

There’s no point in potentially getting millions of visitors to your site (capitalizing on a lot of angles) if you aren’t going to make any money.

Am I really going to sell match tickets or club merchandise to someone checking whether Lionel Messi has scored more than Cristiano Ronaldo this season? It’s possible but unlikely.

Instead, we get to the point where those who are willing to put in the work to find high traffic valuable keywords will reap all the rewards. On the other hand, there will be people who write a single blog post with 2016 in the title yet fail to get flooded with traffic and then later come and tell me this whole article was worthless.

Being totally honest here, whichever one of those best describes you makes little difference to me personally.

However, I genuinely love nothing more than receiving success stories from people who follow the advice here at ViperChill, so I write these guides for people who are willing to put in the work. I truly hope that’s you.

If it is, I would love to help you with the rest of this post. Let’s go and find those keywords with both traffic and income potential.

Source #1: Google & Google Trends Suggestion Boxes
When I type 2015 into Google Trends, Google are kind enough to suggest some terms that I may be looking for. They do the same for regular Google as well, as shown below.

Just entering “2015” will get you the same results as everyone else reading this article – at least for English speaking audiences – so try adding some other words into the mix to get some other angles to target. Some queries that come to mind include:

most expensive
There are a lot more I can add to this list but you get the idea. From this Google suggestions source alone I’ve already picked four different industries I want to capitalise on.

Why am I not sharing them here? Because I don’t want to give both of us the extra competition. Put in the work, and reap the rewards!

Source #2: Google Trends Related Queries
Not only will Google Trends give you an idea of how popular search terms become over a certain time period, it’ll also give you related search terms you can use to narrow down your targeting.

For instance, if I type in “best games 2015” I see the following related queries:

I now have a few new industries and angles to think of such as “best android games 2016“, “best PC games 2016” and so on.

For another example, let’s say I type in “best album 2015”, I see the related queries are:

best songs 2015
album releases 2015
2015 grammy winners
You can guarantee these are all going to be searched for in 2016 as well.

Take your time with this and you might find a few gems.

Source #3: The Wordstream Free Keyword Tool
You can only really benefit from this tool further if you have a paid account but here are at least some of the search terms I pulled back from their free version when searching for the most popular 2015-related search queries:

pan am games 2015
pan am 2015
expo 2015
toronto 2015 pan am games
top 10 economies 2015
teorias 2015
laserjet 2015
2015 euroset
2015 calendar
wellesley ed 2015
solar eclipse 2015
rail control room 2015
rail control 2015
post peak survival 2015
nationwide credit 2015
milano expo 2015
income tax rates 2011 through 2015
hp laszerjet 2015
2015 lamborghini
A few new categories we can learn from this include new models of cars, events in space and the latest printer technology from Hewlett Packard. A strange mix, but more proof there is potential everywhere when you’re looking for terms to rank for.

Source #4: Keyword Spy
This tool is definitely designed more towards spying on PPC campaigns than organic search results, even more so when you have the URL of a competitor you want to track.

I say this in advance because the results I got from this tool were pretty weird, and I’m not really sure how they were generated at all. Take a look for yourself:

I did warn you.

However, I am an optimist and actually did get some ideas from this.

I hadn’t thought of versions of software as being something people would search for but then you think of things like Norton Antivirus 2016, Photoshop 2016, CAD 2016 or even games like Football Manager 2016.

With software alone, there are thousands of titles you could be ranking in Google for.

Remember, the majority of web users are not tech-savvy. They don’t head on over to or by default, They literally search for the name of the software and the current year, whether or not the software (such as Photoshop) even gets named yearly.

People are already going wild for the 2016 versions of Firefox and Chrome (amazingly at a very similar rate), even though Chrome 2016 isn’t really a thing.

Not only do you have the software but you have all of the technology people are going to be searching for like “best modem 2016”, “best webcam 2016”, “best printer 2016” and on the list goes, as far as your creativity will take you.

Source #5: SEMRush
A tool I used to be very fond of but haven’t used in a long time is SEMRush. I just used the free version of their account to get these terms – they seem to have downgraded the paid version they previously gifted me – which are primarily event-related.

easter 2015
superbowl 2015
memorial day 2015
2015 calendar
superbowl 2015
calendar 2015
mothers day 2015
2015 nfl mock draft
2015 mustang
mardi gras 2015
Ranking for events is how I was able to get almost 1 million visitors in one month from Google from that young site so there’s no question there’s huge potential with following this model for 2016 as well.

Source #6: The SEO Book Keyword Tool
While the tool is free, you do have to sign-up for an account and you may get a little lost trying to find it again once you do.

The results were a little overwhelming – there were a lot of them – so here are just a few I handpicked that are a little different from what I’ve already shared.

vanguard 2015
vanguard target reitrement 2015
world jaboree 2015
gigaset 2015
gold price predictions 2015
gold price forecast 2015
hp 2015 toner
laserjet 2015 driver
leadership 2015
ray ban 2015
autoview 2015
jetfighter 2015 patch
First of all, what’s up with all these tools caring about Hewlett Packard and their printers?


I decided to check the news out of curiosity and see they did release the “world’s most secure printers” but those results are just press releases from HP’s own website.

Another additional few industries came out of this though. Consider thinking about: Fashion brands, drivers for software, the prices of gold, silver and platinum and other categories besides business and leadership that people may be searching for books about.

Source #7: Your Own Experiences & Imagination
The best source for niches to target is without a doubt…you!

If there is some angle or industry that instantly came to mind when you thought about search terms for 2016 then start looking into it now. Check them out on Google Trends, check the search volumes on the Google Keyword Tool and then check the 2015 search results to see if anyone else capitalized on them.

One tip, to see how popular certain topics were in 2015, is to find blog posts trying to rank for 2015 related keywords and seeing if they have a lot of shares and comments.

Using your own imagination can be both the easiest and the most difficult source to work with.

On one hand, you will likely have hobbies and interests I didn’t mention here which will give you ideas other people reading this won’t have, but on the other – because I didn’t talk about them here – you may doubt the potential that particular industry has.

Let me just say this: While I think I’ve already mentioned a number of industries to take advantage of with this tactic, I won’t personally be using any of them.

Again, it’s not because I think they’re bad – I would focus on at least two in this post if I had the time – but because I have more interest in other angles and see much more potential for them on my own websites.

These ideas came from my own experiences and a little bit of creativity, so please take the time to try and think of your own angles rather than just relying on what I’ve written here. If for no other reason than you’ll have less competition.

The Three-Avenues to Have Success with This Venture
I believe there are three ways to truly capitalize on the upcoming opportunity I’ve highlighted in this post…in regards to SEO. Looking at the top trends for 2015 may give you ideas for great blog posts that Facebook users will love or opportunities for PPC campaigns, but I’m primarily focused on organic (free) Google search traffic here.

The three avenues are:

Adding content to an established website
Creating a minisite based on a topic
Creating an authority site with focused sub-categories
I’ll cover each in a little more detail now so you can see which route is more likely to suit you.

Adding content to an established website

This is the path I will be spending the most time on for this strategy. To give an example without being too specific about other sites I have, let’s just assume I have a very popular tech blog that covers all of the latest gadgets from companies like Lenovo, Canon, and Samsung.

Let’s also assume I focus on writing about the news rather than creating videos for Youtube like others in my niche, and often try to cover obscure items which may get more social media love than the newest laptop coming out of DELL.

One way I can see myself using this idea is to focus on the ‘best’ tech items of 2016. So, as mentioned earlier, things like:

The best webcams for 2016
The best laptop for 2016
The best printer for 2016
The best USB microphone for 2016
And on the list goes.

Now I don’t actually have a tech blog but everything else I said here was true. I do run a very large authoritative blog in another industry, I do cover all the latest news from big brands and I do focus more on the written word rather than video (like some of my competition).

I will most certainly be creating dedicated pages to certain categories to highlight the best options in that vertical to get the most out of related search queries.

If you have an established site already or even just a mini-niche site which you could use this method on, set-up quality, dedicated pages for each query you’re looking to rank for.

Creating a minisite based on a topic

If you don’t have a website already or at least not one that you can piggyback off to have success with this method then you may consider creating a minisite based on certain search terms.

For instance, a website about the Best Anti-Virus Software 2016 may be able to make you a lot of money with software installer bundles or affiliate links for premium software. All I would put on the site would be a few (preferably genuine) reviews of the latest anti-virus software and try to get a domain as close to the keyphrase as possible.

I know exact-match domains don’t have nearly the amount of weight they used to have but they certainly haven’t been wiped from search results.

When other companies are buying ads for the 2015 variation of the term that’s a good sign of the potential here. If you know anything about running PPC campaigns there may be some opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Another example could be building a minisite around the best [category] books of 2016. You could track them on the likes of the NYT bestsellers list, 800 CEO-READ, their number of Amazon reviews and possibly even incorporate social media mentions to see which are being talked about the most.

Or – we’re going into avenue three a little early here – you could build one authority site then have different categories which rank the best books on personal development, meditation, becoming an early riser, leadership, autobiographies and every other category of a book out there.

Of course, you only list the books which have come out in 2016 and properly target your on-site SEO to help you get more of those related rankings.

Creating an authority site with sub-categories

For me, this whole ‘method’ is going to be a small side-project, rather than a huge focus of mine for the year. I have too many things going on (as always) to dedicate as much time to this as I would like. Another reason why I’m sharing the concept openly here.

However, if you’re really looking to get stuck into a big project, there’s no reason it can’t be using this strategy.

You could set-up a software review site and every sub-category could be a different type of software you try to rank for ‘best [category] software 2016’ related terms.

You could set-up a tech review site and every sub-category could be a different type of gadget or hardware you’re trying to rank for with 2016-related search terms.

You could set-up a gifts guide website and every sub-category could be focused on things like ‘best men’s gifts 2016’ or ‘best kids toys 2016’ and so on. Then you could repeat the same thing next year with the same site, building on the authority you’ve created in the year previous.

I don’t want to go into too many industries and give away someone else’s ideas but you’re hopefully starting to get an idea of the potential here. The rewards here will go to those who are willing to do the research with the sources I suggested and find some great, hot topics of their own.

Then you just need to follow the avenue which suits you best and kill it.

A Hidden Fourth Angle
As I was wrapping up this Inc. Idea and running it through Word to check for spelling errors before hitting Publish, I had one more idea. It’s almost enough to be a niche idea in itself. As a personal experiment, I have decided to put the angle behind a social locker, so you have to like or share this page to view it.

I’ll be a little more fair though and say if you’re not already considering going all-in on this project, don’t bother unlocking the next couple of paragraphs. They require a bit more work.

Note: You may have to click through to this post to see if it if you’re in a feed reader.

As a Final Word, Please Don’t Procrastinate
It may be the case that you’re entering an industry you don’t think will peak until the end of 2016. If that applies to an industry you’re personally looking to capitalize on, don’t wait until the middle of the year to get the site set-up because it may just be too late.

Get started now so you can start building social signals, private network links, guest blogging links, article links or any other kind of links to the site and let it ‘age’ for when the real search traffic starts to come.

If you’re focused on something which is going to peak much earlier in the year – and there are a lot of opportunities here, trust me – don’t just sit back now and say you’ll start in January after the holidays are over. You had the time to read this article; I know you have a few hours in the next week to start taking action and making something happen with this idea.

Don’t invest too much money – it certainly isn’t needed – but do invest your creativity and time to at least get something ‘up’ on the chance that you can get floods of search traffic heading your way when it’s time for your search terms to thrive.

If you have any questions, you’ll find me in the comments below. Best of luck, and please have a FANTASTIC Christmas and New Year!

P.S. Don’t forget, if you wish to get more of these ideas sent to your inbox – I won’t be blogging them in public like this – please do enter your email address in the box below or if you’re not reading this content on, you can Click Here to get these updates in your inbox.

Update: 26th of January 2016: It works.


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