How many followers do I need to be an effective marketer? Follow @mistersalesman

That's an excellent question, and I used to think the number was 100,000 but how wrong I was. I later found out that you have to build a massive platform and never stop growing.

It takes at least 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS to be an effective marketer on Twitter. But don't let that figure discourage you. The hardest part is learning how to gain the first 100,000. It's like becoming a billionaire, the hardest part is making the first million. Once you obtain the knowledge and know-how making more money or increasing your followers is a piece of cake.

The more followers you have, the more everything increases; more market share, more connections, more sales, more opportunities, etc.

But the biggest reason that you need more followers is the 1% rule. Only about 1% of your followers are going to be on Twitter at the same time. And only 1% of your followers are going to see your tweets when they are on-line. And only 1% of those followers are going click on your link, and only 1% of those followers are going to be interested and buy your product. Now that's a general rule but it's been my experience, that it's 100% correct.

Six easy steps--15-30 minutes a day whether you are new to Twitter or a season pro, gain 25-100 followers or more every day. Set your Twitter notifications and listen to all the pings of people following you.

That's why you need to build strong and build fast. In my bestseller Twitter book HTG100K, I reveal the secrets.

It usually takes about 12 months to hit the first 100k. Then, you'll hit 100K every ten months. The more followers you have, the more people will see your billboards (tweets) driving down the super information highway. (The internet ... ;)

It's the first 100,000 that matters the most. Once you hit 100,000 followers, the sky is the limit. I currently have 300K, and it now takes about 6-8 months to gain the next 100k.

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