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I thought after writing my first book that it would sell itself. But one month later, I had a rude awakening. No sales. So I decided to build a social media platform to launch my books from. That was in 2014, today I have over 300,000+ Twitter Followers and the author of 13 books. I promote, advertise, and make a living from selling books on Twitter. My customers are from all over the world–avid readers, authors, reviewers, bloggers, writers, professionals, business owners, and regular folks. And I treasure each one of them. Book marketing is not a casual affair; it's an on-going commitment--because it boils down to one thing "IMPRESSIONS." How many people see your book and how often. The more times people see your book, the more likely that you'll find the right people that are interested. That is, of course, that you have an eye-catching cover, title, description, and headline that makes them curious to click the link. I just published a new book Harry's Love Letters Hacked! It's a hot romance book with a taste of erotica--it's not for everybody, so book promotions, blog posts, articles, and tweets are geared for a particular type of buyer.

In addition to marketing on Twitter, I also use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). For just pennies a day, you can set a monthly budget for as little as $100 and get plenty of "IMPRESSIONS" without paying for them. You only pay for link clicks. In February, I received 71,387 "IMPRESSIONS" and 165 Clicks for the book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. Those clicks are from Amazon customers who have Kindles and credit cards on file with Amazon, not curiosity seekers. If you're an author how can you afford not to use Pay Per Click through Amazon?

Once you write a book, it's time to stop thinking like an author, and start thinking like a publisher. Being an author is no different than running any other enterprise--you have to advertise if you want people to know about your book. Remember, if you run it like a business, one day, it will reward you like a business.

The Winning Formula-- Marketing 100% & Product 0%

Marketing is 100% because no matter how good your book is nobody knows it even exists. Now once your marketing efforts kick in then the focus is on your book 100% from the title, cover, description, content, etc. But even bad products sell with good marketing. Take a look at the billion dollar a year weight loss industry, despite scams and undelivered promises --some products sell and they keep selling because of good marketing. The same thing happens with books. How many bad books become New York Times Best Sellers? Have you read any? It's not about the book, it's all about the marketing.

Free Twitter Book Marketing

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