How to use Twitter like a Gigantic Email Marketing list.

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by M LeMont

How to use Twitter like a Gigantic Email Marketing list.


When it comes to Twitter, most users are blinded by the never-ending flow of content, information, news, etc.

As a result, they can’t see the similarities between Email Marketing and how to use Twitter like a gigantic email marketing list.

Twitter is a public forum, and anyone can view and interact with your tweets, which allows you to reach a wider audience, engage with prospects, and direct them to your website.

Both blog posts and email marketing involve creating and distributing content to an audience.

They can educate, inform, and engage readers and customers.

The main difference is that blog posts are published on a website and can be read by anyone who visits the site, while email marketing is sent directly to a list of subscribers that opted in.

10 ways to use Twitter like an email marketing list.

*Build a targeted following: Similar to building an email list, you can use Twitter to create a targeted following of people interested in your tweets by targeting specific keywords in advance search and hashtags.

*Schedule tweets in advance: Use Twitter's scheduling feature or third-party tools to schedule tweets, such as Social JukeBox, Hootsuite, or Buffer, just like email delivery systems. It will ensure that your tweets are seen often and consistently.

*Let your audience find you by writing tweets that people can relate to, solve problems, inform, educate, and entertain.

*Use Twitter lists: Twitter lists allow you to group users you want to follow, curate their content, and keep your followers engrossed with your tweets. The lists can also help segment your audience and target specific groups of users with tailored messages, similar to how you would with email marketing.

*Use The Magic Selling Formula SY+SN +BV+ CD=SALES.

Sell yourself. Let your personality radiate through your words. People want to get to know you before they reach the buying stage.

Show a need. Everybody has a problem that needs to be solved.

Build Value in your name, your brand, and your products. All of this can be done simultaneously through your writing.

Create Desire is the transfer of feeling from one person to another. If you can make someone feel about your product the way you feel about it, they will buy it.

*Drive traffic to your website by including links in your tweets.

*Use Tiny Billboards and offer your product at the end of your post.

The average open rate for email marketing is 10%-16%. But Twitter traffic is driven to your website by frequency, headlines, precision, and by your followers.

Frequency –the average times a person has to see your tweets is 7-8 times before they decide to make a buying option and sometimes before they click to read a blog post.

Headlines-write intriguing headlines that make people curious to want to know more.

Precision—the quality and accuracy of your tweets.

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