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Thanks for dropping by for the rest of the story. I take that you saw the beautiful, nude picture of the blonde that came across your cyber screen? Well, it's a very popular tweet–among men, and I would guess--secretly admired by women. I'm sure, that I'll catch some flack on that one. ;) Anyway, here's the story behind the picture.

Usually, when I write a book, I start with a professionally designed cover before I write a single word. But, on this day, things were different. I got a call from my attorney to read Harry's Love Letters Hacked and see if I would be interested in writing a story about an on-line love affair. After reading the letters, I could see a sweet budding love story unfolding and images rippled through my mind. I needed a picture for the female character. I write with mental images to bring my characters to life. So just any old picture wouldn't do. I didn't know what I wanted but I'll know it when I see it. I searched the internet for hours and found nothing. Then the strangest thing happened. I saw a tweet in my Twitter feed of a nude model standing on the side of a horse. It got my undivided attention and became the image of my lead character Ann Wilder. I looked at the photo on my computer every day for the next several months, and it inspired me to write and create an 'experience' not just a book. The same experience they had--Harry Stevenson, a famous author, and Ann Wilder, a ghost writer for some of New York Times Best Seller authors. The fact that she was a married woman intrigued me especially when I found out Harry's computer was hacked and he had been blackmailed to prevent the letters from being turned over to the press. I thought, damn, in a world where hackers run rampant that could happen to anybody.

The book is beyond the scope of anything that you've ever read. "Provocative, Romantic, Shocking, and Scandalous." If you want to read 10% of the book free on Amazon Click here.


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