What Great Stories are made of

by Taylor Green

What Great Stories are made of

Sometimes life hands you a shit sandwich and you better fucking eat it

because it will keep giving it to you until you do.

It’s to remind you of the random nature of things to come.

In life, good and bad things will happen and I will carve out the boring parts,

be bold and audacious with few details and write about it.

Great stories don’t need to fill a stadium with 100,000 words

I shall use short words that impact and appeal to the senses

True life stories are the best.

When told correctly can carry weight and bear fruit that comes straight from the heart.

A great story doesn’t always need a hero or a happy ending.

Truth conveys a promise of hope, sadness, and despair that cries for a better tomorrow.

To inspire strength through a reliable consistency of self-worth incomparable to anything else.

What makes you want to listen to what I have to say?

For I am only a speck in the air of unimportance words that convey meanings that is in my head that belong to no one.

For is it not a fragment of the universe that you are reading?

For what I am going through others are going through too.

Shakespeare said, "What a piece of work is man!"

What man is capable of writing anything worthy of attention?

You know in a few words, in a few seconds if he is worth his salt

and if you want to continue.

I say, damn well written, it must be a great story!

I don’t write to appeal to everyone because that kind of thing appeals to no one

I write for the feeling in my heart that is true

Great words and great stories never die

They live on in your mind forever.

And you say, Wow!

What a Great Story


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