Why you need a Twitter Coach


Dear Twitter Follower, what took so long?

I've been waiting on you.

Oh, you were busy?

Okay, you're honest. Let's go on.

If you're like most business owners they want to move fast,

they don't have time to learn Twitter through trial and error.

What I have are proven strategies that I use every day,

that have helped hundreds of Twitter users gain tons of followers organically.


Who is your ideal customer?

How do you find them?

Do you find them via mail order by copying names from a phone book,

knocking on doors, or cold calling?

Of course not, that’s wasted activity.

The problem people have selling on Twitter is they’re trying to sell to everybody

that’s like fishing in the ocean too many fish 3,500,000,000,000, 20,000 species

the only thing they have in common is they live in the water.

You have to know what they like to eat and how they move

and most of the time you have to let them find you.

If you're an author selling books, some of the prospects won't have a Kindle.

Some of them haven't read a book since high school.

Some of them never purchased anything online.

Some of them are too busy or not interested to even read your tweet.

Some of them don't even know how to read!

In short, even if you have a Universal Product and great marketing it doesn't matter

don't get frustrated it's all in the numbers ... the goal is 500 Million. Become the Ocean. 

That's why I wrote How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers


Is 500 MILLION a lot?

Whether you attained it or not, working toward that number is where the magic is.

I found it at 300,000

Selling on Twitter is not like a mom-and-pop business,

it's not a brick-and-mortar where 20-50 customers come in your store and you know exactly what your sales will be

or direct sales where you talk face-to-face with your customer and have a closing ratio of 1 out of 3.

This is the internet and nothing about it is conventional.

You have to go through a MILLION to get a thousand and a BILLION to get a million

and with a push of a button word of mouth travels like the speed of light.

You are fighting to be seen among 400 million users and 6,000 tweets every second

and there are so many factors that have to match up to your product and with the market.

And get this 59% of people who graduate from high school will never read another book.

That means if you sell books you need to be hitting on all cylinders.

See Authors Checklist.

Also, How to Sell a Million Copies of Your Nonfiction Book at the end of this article. Keep reading!

Why do I have
M LeMont @MisterSalesman
as my Twitter coach when I'm a very self-disciplined, strategic individual with strong technology skills?

➡️ Data driven results.
➡️ Instruction through example.
➡️ Superior leadership skills. @CarinCamen

And that is all the reason to have a Twitter coach.

The more skills, discipline, and drive, the more you need a coach.

Name a great champion that didn't have a great coach-- a coach that gets in the water with you.

A coach that takes you to another level & makes you think and see things differently

and leaves the competition in the dust.


Here are my Monthly results based on 381,000 followers


(Updated daily) May 31, 2022, 9:49pm CST


Tweets 23.9K

Tweet impressions 4.9M

Profile visits 166K

Mentions 7,734

New followers 2,185



Tweets 23.2K

Tweet impressions 4.04M

Profile visits 187K

Mentions 7,734

New followers 3,610


A surefire way to get fast follow backs 50-70% in 48 hours.

This will avoid Twitter jail, follow restrictions, and time-outs, and increase followers.

My secret vetting criteria and Twitter Tips are listed below. Keep reading!

There are levels to this Twitter game, and 99% of most people are not on this level.

With all the new Twitter tools, this is an ideal moment to rapidly grow your account.

The window of opportunity can be challenging and can close quickly.

I once asked a client what he thought about the Twitter Suggested Follows app? He said, "I saw it, but that's about it.

I jokingly said you must develop a keen sense of what you see.

Don’t be like the two fish that met an old fish 🐟 he said how’s the water boys?

The 2 young fish looked at each other confused 😧 and said, what water?

LOL... I'm confused. He said. "Explain to me Obi Wan Kenobi."

Well, the two fish were oblivious about the water, and they were swimming in it every day.

Just like most people are oblivious about the Twitter Auto Suggested Follow App.

Some see it and pass it by and some use it and think it's not for them.

Imagine asking someone, "How's the follow app boys?" And their reply, "What follow app?" X

You must develop a keen sense and pay attention to everything.

Why did Twitter make this feature? To help users build stronger and faster!

Stone crazy. That's what the Naysayers said. You can't create a system for gaining followers.

I didn't listen to them. I developed a six-step follow system and put it in a book,

How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by an Expert.

I don't know much about Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. But I know Twitter better than anyone.

I specialize in how to gain followers and benefit from positive technological effects.

Ever wonder why some accounts can follow more people than others,

and why some are limited to following only 10 accounts an hour?

Knowing the rules and how to use Twitter is essential.

Why do you need a Twitter Coach? Some of the Top CEOs like Amazon’s 'Jeff Bezos,

Google's Larry Page, and even the late Steve Jobs have used an outside coach.

Tom Brady, (the G.O.A.T.) Greatest of All Time has a QB Coach, and the CEO of Sprint just to name a few.

Studies prove there's a relationship between high performance & coaching' on any level of business.

Twitter is a business and if you treat it like a business, one day it will reward you as a business.

Everybody needs a presence on the internet whether you are an amateur

or professional to launch products and ideas

and turn that into a distribution channel of not just followers,

but also customers in various markets around the world.

Being your Twitter coach, I can provide you with the clarity

so you know that you're taking the right action to get the results

you're looking for and make sure that the time that's being spent on marketing is RIGHT.

Things on Twitter are forever changing and you need someone that will advise and tailor make strategies,

and how to pivot and change directions when needed.

Being your Twitter Coach I can get you to where you want to go faster.

The RIGHT knowledge is power when put into action. Acquire it any way you can.

8 Super Advanced Training Classes

  1. 12 follow strategies that get 50% follow backs

  2. How to use Twitter’s Suggested 10 algorithm

  3. How to use Twitter’s Who to Follow algorithm

  4. How to use my Secret Vetting Criteria tailored made for your size account

  5. How to use USTAT to Unfollow Non-followers

  6. How to use Hashtags and Time Zones to get fast follow backs

  7. How to use SocialJukeBox to semi-automate tweets

  8. How to use USTAT ( The Crown Jewel) to find and follow accounts

All classes are priced individually or as a package. Send email for pricing and availability. Click here.


Twitter Tip #1 How to get users to follow back quickly

Check the last date they were logged on to Twitter.

The recency date is the key to fast follow backs.

If an account hasn't logged on in the last month it's very unlikely they will follow back.

Twitter Tip #2 The average follow-back rate is 10-15%.

What is the second most important thing you should do to get fast follow backs?

Retweet Pinned Tweets when following.

Twitter Tip #3 How can someone have 11,557 followers with 21 accounts?

They can't!

Vet accounts to prevent following bots, fake, and inactive accounts.

Here's a simple vetting criteria to get you started.

All accounts must have 200 followers/200 Tweets, bio, profile picture,

and no padlocks, or blue checkmarks accounts

Twitter Tip #4 The only metric that matters on Twitter are link clicks to your website, landing, or sales page.

Likes and retweets are easily manipulated. Use to track links in Dark Social that are untrackable by Twitter Analytics.

If you are interested in learning more about My Secret Vetting Criteria

and my Twitter Coach program, please send an email for pricing and availability.

If you need more proof, here are some of my clients that read my book HTG100K and received a free consultation.

Most of them started with less than 3,000 followers. Buy on Amazon

@DoriCreates 368,900! @TableOfferings 205,000! @JuliaGrantham2 299,000! @PsychicHealerC 148,777 @claudia_oltean 148,000, 167,000 @enriquillo2 136,000 @goodsolitaire 136,000! @bobbyblaze744, 147,000! @DivMeta 158,00 @osideo 127,000! @Tammysdragonfly 150,000! @EroticaTiffany 103,000! @Randomitable 100,000! @AmyJRomine 101,000 @HollowManSeries 91,000 @AReeceAuthor 92,000! @AaronDYeoman 74,000 @m_rjoseph 59,000 @AuthorSLloyd1 50,000 @davebaileyme 46,000 @TheWaringWomen 75,000 @DaleRominger 56,000 @lawrence_wray 43,000 @JoeGadway 43,000 @TheHojer 32,000 @RichardHWebb 20,000 @TheJennieration 23,000.


For a Limited Time Only. Free 1-on-1 Twitter Consultation

with the purchase of How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by An Expert.

As you can see what I am offering you is incredible and you will see results 24 hours after the consultation.

I hope you will be among the first to take advantage of this offer.

But if you can't, can I ask a small favor of you?

If you don't terribly mind, please drop a note and tell me that you can't purchase the book at this time.

That way I know you really want to, but something is holding you back don't know what ... who knows

But I'll feel free to make this exciting offer to someone else before it expires.

Here's my email (either way) it is important to hear from you right away.

Please, please -- reply today!

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