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I read a fantastic book "I Kicked Out On Two, The Education of a Wrestler" by pro wrestler Bobby Blaze Smedley. The book contains lessons about being successful that I asked the author to publish Chapter 1 here on my website.

Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, you should know what it takes to succeed. When you want success more than you want to breathe nothing will stand in your way.

Upon the plains of hesitation bleached the bones of countless millions
who on the threshold of victory sat to wait, and while waiting, they died.”

~~A Pro Wrestler's Love Letter~~

I've loved you forever! Even when I have tried to walk away from you, you pulled me back to you. You're such a slut, yet I still desired you. You sold yourself like a cheap whore, and I paid. I wanted you so bad! I paid! From the first time that I paid, just for a chance to see, just to be around you, I paid! Before I even saw you in person or met you personally, I knew I loved you. I had watched you from afar and finally saw you in person and I fell even further in love with you. I got my chance to see you up close and in person, and I just knew. I knew I had just had to be close to you. I even learned to sneak through your back door without paying you. I did it because I knew. I knew one way or another I was going to be with you. Call it infatuation! Call it lust! Call it love! I was going to cop a quick feel, just to see you. You bitch! You became my mistress! I know others that had loved you and had been where I was going, yet I wanted to still be with you. When I kissed you, you bit me. Your bite was like that of pure lust, and I loved it. Passion!

When you broke my heart, I came running back into your arms, forgiving you, my desire to only see you, my mistress. You little bitch, you went to another town, many towns, and cities where others were willing to pay to see and be around you just as I had. But, when you came back, I was so forgiving, and I took you right back with open arms, aroused, excited, and with even more lust and love for you. When I first entered you, I was so young, so innocent, so naive, yet it just felt so right. Pure Pleasure! Then there was the pain, yet you were worth it. Now, after years of your mental and physical abuse, you drag me back to you, asking forgiveness from a body that can't forgive, from a mind that can't forget, yet I gladly take you back. I walk away, I break up, and you just don't get it. You think we are still together, because you know I love you unconditionally. It's true, I do! The sleepless nights driving home from being around you. The pain and the sleepless nights from a shoulder that is tender to the touch. My neck, tight and sore, will never permit a full night’s sleep as I will stay up for you. My back wrecked from the nights that you didn't care how hard I fell for you. My knees weak, the pain, from bone on bone contact. I crawl out of bed because I know you await me and in order to see you, I have to hit the road or catch that early flight just so I could be in you one more time. Maybe I whored myself out and you were just my love, my mistress, it didn't matter, I was going to be there for you, no matter how bad I hurt, no matter my pain, no matter where you were I would be there for you. I loved you then, and I love you now, because, I just cannot let you go. As many times that I have tried to break this thing off, you pull me back. My heart pumps faster, yet it aches, my adrenaline accelerates, even though my body has slowed down, whenever I hear you're near, those feelings come back one more time. I have to stay, and I'll stay a little bit longer than any of the others. It's because I believe in you. As much as I have loathed you, I love you. And, even though I tried to leave you, I love you. I hate you, yet you're my best friend. You are my friend, my lover, my mistress, I will always be the one that will endure the pain, and because I love you....Many know you. Many others have loved you...Some have even called you bad names, far worst then a slut or whore, they called you sports entertainment, but not me. I called you my love, and I called you by your name, Professional Wrestling! I love you, my mistress, you continue to pull me back into you. I am that kid that watches and believes, I am a fan, I am one of the boys, I am your man, I am you, and you are me, Pro Wrestling, my lust, my desire, my love, my mistress, no matter how bad my body hurts and my heart breaks, I still love you, my mistress! PRO WRESTLING!

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