Broken Pieces

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I asked Author, Martha Perez how did she get a Book Signing Deal with Barnes and Noble for her book Broken Pieces? Here's what she had to say. Btw, I read the book and I like it. You can read my 5 Star review below.


What if a six-year-old child could write how they really feel about their life? Scary. Exactly. That's why I'm featuring the book review Broken Pieces by Martha Perez on my website–a fascinating story told through the eyes of a child. Please read on.

All of us can relate to the fact that when we arrive into the world that we don't have a choice over our circumstances. We can't choose our parents or situations–or the country, or the time, place or century that we are born. It makes you wonder whether your fate is preordained and you're just being shuffled from here to there by Divine order. Some of us are born unto kind and loving parents while others like the book "Broken Pieces" where Abby and her sister are born unto a home without a mother, and their father, an alcoholic, and the stepmother is mentally and physically abusive. Later, they are sent to live with their grandmother who is even worse–"I'm watching Ma knitting when she slaps Abby just out of nowhere on her mouth. Her hands are trembling, and with her fingers–gently touches her lip and she sees blood on her fingers. Ma tells me don't ever stare at her, ever, when I sit next to her. You just look down, do you hear me, Abby?"

What makes this book fascinating is–the story is narrated by Abby, a six-year-old child–and is written in 1st POV and sometimes drifts to 3 POV whether intentional or not, it is unique and expresses the broken emotions of the narrator. Her voice is captivating and latches on to your mind as she grows up to an adult with psychological hardships –her words will move you to tears and laughter. I look forward to reading more books from the author–actually, I just bought her second book 'Broken Heart' and can't wait to read it.

I rate this book in the following categories: Plot 6 Stars. Dialogue 6 Stars. Narration 6 Stars. Rhythm 6 Stars. Tone 6 Stars. Flow 6 Stars. Editing 5 Stars–Perfect for the voice of the narrator that made the story compelling. Maximum Overall Rating 5 Stars. Available Now Click Here.

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