My Review Broken Dreams by Martha Perez

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I love it when I discover an author that has talent. Martha Perez has a writing style that's one of a kind and it stands out from the crowd. I have officially added her to a very short list of my favorite authors, and one that I would like to coauthor a book with. Please, read my review below and maybe she just might become one of your favorite authors too.

Brilliant, Fresh, Exciting

A great book, written by a very talented author. Broken Dreams is fresh and exciting, not your everyday run of the mill book. I couldn’t put it down even when I had shit to do–definitely a page turner. The book captures your attention from the opening scene as Josh describes how his life changed after he lost his brother. “I chose my life drinking, doing drugs, and fucking different women.” He figured that he could do whatever he wanted and wouldn’t change for anyone, considered himself a “Cocky bastard.” This leads him down a road of misery and pain. It’s written in First Person POV, 3 lead characters, in a stream of consciousness style which I simply adore. The plot drags you deep into the twisted and dysfunctional lives of Emily, Josh, and Trevor, and leaves you in tears while wanting more. Real life drama, touching & heartfelt with a tantalizing touch of sex that keeps things a bit ... interesting. BRILLIANT, FRESH, EXCITING, a TRUE MASTERPIECE. I highly recommend it. 5 Big Stars.

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