Naughty thoughts, Madonna


In case you've been a coma for the last 10 years and just waking up to all the chaos, Donald Trump is President and many people are angry. I mean angry enough to make national security threats. My advice just 'be cool' there's a higher power in charge. There ain't shit you can do about it anyway. Here's what a Washington Post reporter had to say about the protest in Wash DC.

Colby Itkowitz

Madonna says she’s thought about ‘blowing up the White House’

In a fiery speech, the ever-provocative Madonna said she’d thought a lot about “blowing up the White House” since Donald Trump’s election but instead will choose love.

The Queen of Pop also let the f-word fly twice, telling detractors who say “nothing will come from this march” … f**k you.” Cable networks not on a delay did not bleep her out.

Madonna also sang her 1989 single “Express Yourself,” a feminist anthem of its time.
She ended the song singing a new improvised line: “Donald Trump, go suck a d**k.” Read More

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