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Opportunity is everywhere. All you have to do is train your mind to find it. For example, what do you do with those annoying emails? Well, before you hit the delete button, you should take a quick scan. There could be gold in them thar hills–black gold. Real opportunities you could be missing. Emails are an excellent source of information, inspiration, ideas, motivation, or topics that you can write about. I mainly pay attention to the subject line, writing style, composition, rhythm, tone, words, or anything that gets my attention that I can use in my writings. Take this email I got from Brian Serling this morning titled, "An amazing use of licensing (wish I'd thought of this)"

The first thing that came to my mind, where I could use this "Middleman" technique was (hint) Like I said, emails can be a great source of inspiration. Now, let's see if this one does anything for you.

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An amazing use of licensing (wish I'd thought of this) by Brian Serling

Today, I’m going to share one of the best examples I’ve ever come across of how to create a 6 to 7-figure business by acting as a “middleman” for another company’s assets.

In this case, those assets are the spa facilities of some of the largest, most well-known luxury resorts and hotels in the world. These assets are easily worth tens of millions of dollars, yet this entrepreneur has the “use and control” of them without any cost or risk whatsoever.

All I can say, is I wish I would have thought of this!

Resort services without paying for a $500 per night room

In Southern California, room rates for luxury hotels and resorts are $500 per night or more. There are a lot of local residents who would like to enjoy the spas and other amenities of these resorts, but aren’t about to pay $500 to lounge around a pool.

That gave Amanda Szabo a great idea. Because she would like to use those facilities herself, she knew that a lot of other people would too. So she brokered deals with many of these luxury hotels and resorts to sell access to their spa facilities on days when they aren’t normally busy.

As a result, the hotels make money for assets that would otherwise sit empty, local residents can enjoy a few hours of pampering and luxury living, and Amanda gets a commission for every hour booked through her system.

Her system allows the hotel or resort manager to easily manage availability, offering as many or as few day passes and cabanas as they’d like on any given day. So there’s never any conflict that would cause a hotel or resort to lose out on higher ticket customers.

The ability to “middle man” products and services like this is practically endless

In my asset licensing programs, one of the seven methods I teach of licensing assets with little cost and no risk is called the Middle Man Strategy. Just as in this example, you find an asset that isn’t being used to its full capacity and broker deals to fill that capacity.

The best part of this is that nearly any product or service can be “middle manned” with just a bit of creative thought. For example, using one of my middle man techniques, a client of mine spotted a golden opportunity when he was talking with a friend.

My client’s business offers a number of online services to small businesses, but that does not include web site development. When his friend mentioned that he just received a bid of $6,000 to have a web site built, realizing that the price was high, my client immediately offered to do the job for just $2,000.

He then posted a job on a freelancers site, found a programmer who would do the project for $500 and a deal was struck. The total time involved for my client to manage the project from start to finish was two hours. So he pocketed $750 per hour for his efforts.

In addition, he can mail postcards to other local companies offering the same service, run ads in the business section of his local newspaper, target local business owners with Facebook ads, and use a variety of other ways to promote this exact same service.

Next, as he takes on more business and finds a couple freelancers who are especially organized, he can pay them extra to manage all his projects. By doing this, he’ll no longer have to spend any time managing the projects and can now devote that time to landing even more clients.

That’s how quickly this type of asset licensing can be scaled up. And as you can see, as with most asset licensing deals, it didn’t cost my client a penny to do this and he had no risk whatsoever.

There are even more ways to build on this and other asset licensing deals, expand their range and charge even higher fees. But we’ll save those for another time.

Bob Serling

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