Why You Need A Website

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"I often remind my clients that blog posts and books are products. And your WEBSITE is like a billboard where hundreds and even thousands of potential customers see your work every day."

Hey, thanks for dropping by.

I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Business Owner.

I want to talk candid with you for a moment.

Can I do that?

I'm writing this piece because you're my friend, and you don't have a presence on the Internet. And it's affecting me, as well as you.

Yeah, you heard that right–you're affecting me too. First, I'm missing my son's basketball game tonight, because this article had to be written.

And second, you're the fiber and backbone of this great country–employing more people and stimulating the economy, and without you we could slip into a depression.

Now I'm going to let a beat pass... so you can think about what I just said.

Okay, if you're an author, draw close and listen, here's an example why you need a Website. Reviews found on Amazon:

"Sarah said, I found Chris Martin through Wordpress and after following his blog, I wanted to give one of his books a try. I liked what Chris wrote on a blog post about how he wants to write thrillers/mysteries that are "clean".

"JLJ said, I caught the drift of Chris on Wordpress, was impressed with his blog posts and bought the Stranger."

Now I'm not here to sell Chris Martin's books, by no means. Sorry, guy I don't even know you, man. But it does sound like you have some good books though.

I just think it's ironic that both readers found the author on Wordpress and read a sample of his writings and went to Amazon and bought his books.

If the author didn't have a WEBSITE and didn't write blog posts then he would have missed the revenue from those two book sales.

The same is true for you, Mr. Business Owner. If you don't have a WEBSITE, it becomes extremely difficult to compete and at some point, it could be lights out for your business.
According to Webvisible/Nielsen Online Survey, nearly 50% of Small Business Owners are not visible on the Internet and are paying a high cost.

That means if you don't have a website, when potential customers search for you on Google–they come up with nothing, and will give their business to a competitor, whom the search engines found.

It also means that you will continue to work hard without making any meaningful progress if you don't establish a foothold on the Internet.

Google is The Biggest Game in Town

With more than 15 billion searches daily, consumers focus on finding information.

And you may not know this Mr. Business Owner, but I'm sure you do because you are also a consumer– 85% of consumers prefer search engines to find information; compared to 24%, who still use the Yellow Page book, which is waning.

Yet another 52% of consumers search the Yellow Pages online. The World As We Know It Has Changed. The world has gone digital–smart phones, tablets, and various mobile devices to make accessing the Internet more convenient.

MrBusinessOwner without a WEBSITE you're stuck in the Analog Age of cables, wires, telephone poles and grainy television sets. I can't let that happen.

If America is going to prosper, Small Business Owners must lead the way. So here's how to get a WEBSITE up and going in 24 hours.

Step #1 Lease a domain name, URL and your own company's .com email address. The cost– inexpensive $5-$25 a year.) I use the industry leader– Goddaddy.com. Click here and search name availability. The domain name you choose will also be your URL–select a simple & easy name for potential customers to remember.

#Step 2 Find a company to host your domain and build your website. And this is where most business owners get stuck because they don't have time or money to build a website. Or, so they think.

I recommend Mo Pro, the Web Designers who built this site. The company specialize in small businesses and have built over 100,000 websites and fits in most small businesses advertisement budget.

They will build a sample website for you to view at in 24 hrs by answering a few questions about your business. There is no charge for the sample and you can contact the designers for revisions. If you decide to give Mo Pro a try then use this PROMO CODE and get a discount. I know what you're thinking, it would be so easy if things would stay the same. Well, maybe it's good that things change–it forces us not to stay same, and not to go backwards–it forces us to move forward–it forces us to grow.

Now I'm confident MrBusinessOwner that you know how important it is to have a Website, I can sleep good tonight. I won't have to miss any more of my son's basketball games or worry about America Slipping Into a Depression because of the disappearance of Small Businesses.

M LeMont has published 7 books. If you're interested in reading his bestseller, How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, go here: getBook.at/HTG100K

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