16 Twitter Rules to Remember

Life's Rule #1 Don't believe anybody that has less than you. Verify my follower count of 393,000 here.

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by M LeMont, Copyright © 2015, WH Bone Publishing

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16 Twitter Rules to Remember. Read them carefully.


“All I need to do is find some followers. Geez … come on guys it can’t be that hard. I’m going to Threads.”

Say what? You’re leaving Twitter for Threads, a Twitter copycat? Social media is Twitter, and Twitter is social media. When faced with challenges, the weak retreat, but you must stay strong. Imagine Twitter was your business, and you invested $44 billion? Would you quit? Of course not. Well, maybe you would if enough people told you that you suck and you can’t do it and down the toilet goes your money. But guess what? Twitter is your business. You are using it to promote something: yourself, ideas, products, services, books, etc. So, you should run it like a business, and one day, it might reward you like a business. If you want to change your name, go ahead, or change the direction you want your company to go in—then that's your business. Stop complaining and focus on growing your Twitter business and taking advantage of opportunities that exist. Find a way. Change is good. It disrupts and gets rid of the excess and makes you see things differently.

If there was ever a time to grow your Twitter account, it's now. The company has changed its name to X to integrate its business with Artificial Intelligence and become the everything app.

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO said, “It’s an exceptionally rare thing – in life or in business – that you get a second chance to make another big impression. Twitter made one massive impression and changed the way we communicate. Now, X will go further, transforming the global town square.” She also told her employees, “Please don’t take this moment for granted. You’re writing history, and there’s no limit to our transformation.”

So therefore, I say to you: This is your chance to shine, to make your mark, and to be part of something revolutionary.

In the old Twitter, the owners got to a point where they were afraid of taking chances. Now you find yourself in the middle of a company that is making bold moves, and you can position yourself to succeed. But like everything else, if you want to play the game, you have to know the rules. Landmines are everywhere, and just like every tech company, Twitter is run and governed by algorithms.

Anyway, I can't tell you how to run your taco stand. I can only tell you how I run mine.

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16 Rules to Remember. Read them carefully!

Hacker Alert!!! Beware of the latest hack. The hacker sends a direct message with a link to Instagram with your name and a question mark at the end. If you click on the link, the hacker will take over your account and send the same message to your followers (unbeknownst to you), hacking them and taking over their accounts, and repeating the process. If you've clicked on a suspicious DM Instagram link with a question mark (?), change your password immediately, and log off and log back on.


1. When following, don’t click too fast in between accounts. The system (algorithm) monitors click activity looking for patterns, unusual activity, and bot farms.


2. Vet each account before following. This will slow down your click speed. Use My Secret Criteria, 500 Tweets/500 Followers/10 days out. Make no exceptions. Let the criteria make the decision for you. This keeps your account clean of bots and inactive accounts and aligned with the system. It will also prevent losing accounts from the Twitter purge. Learn more about the Advanced Criteria in my Master Class.


3. Are you constantly in Twitter jail and can only follow ten accounts an hour? Solution: Follow accounts in small waves not exceeding 30 minutes of following time in one session. Use a timer and set it for 30 minutes. Wait an hour and repeat. In a few weeks, your follow limit will increase. Every account is unique and has its own unique ratio.


4. Never exceed the following limit of 400 in a rolling 24 hours.


5. Never Unfollow accounts and follow accounts on the same day. It can lead to lockouts and 3-day suspensions.


6. Don’t create or click on (decks) lift lists; don’t retweet them even if your name is listed. This can lead to temporary or permanent suspensions.


7. If you create videos, don’t use copyrighted songs unless you have permission because it will lead to immediate permanent suspension.


8. Don’t like everything too many likes in excess. The system will think you have conspired with other people to manipulate and amplify accounts which can lead to 3-day, restricted features, or permanent suspension.


9. Don’t engage in negative or toxic conversations.


10. Don’t write in excess Quote Comments on top of other tweets. This can lead to restriction of features and 3-day suspensions if there are too many complaints.


11. If you have another account, do not tweet duplicate content. This can lead to restricted or shadow-banned features, and nobody will see your tweets or find you in the search engine.


12. Check your account every day. The system does random checks to make sure you're not a bot, usually around 1:30 am CST. Know your Twitter password and keep your email updated. You'll need to respond in 24 hours, or the system will take your account down.


13. If you are busy during the week, you can use the weekend schedule. Follow on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unfollow on Wed and Thursday. Consistency is the key.


14. Don’t follow celebrity accounts. They rarely follow back, which messes up your following-to-followers ratio and limits how many people you can follow.


15. Don’t follow people with lopsided following-to-follows ratios greater than 50%. Most of them will not follow back. And don't follow people that have hit the dreaded 5001 mark because their ff ratios are out of order, and they can't follow back.


16. If you are not seeing your followers' tweets, like a few of their accounts, repost them, or check the mute button by their name and unmute.


17. If you get permanently suspended, check your email. Don't panic. Write an appeal quickly. Be professional and nice in your communications. Tuck this link away in case you need it. Copy and save


Life's Rule #1 Don't believe anybody that has less than you. Verify my follower count of 385,600 here.

by M LeMont

Reading time 4 minutes


Finding prospects on Twitter is like fishing in the ocean too many fish.

Adapt. Be Beautiful. Be the Ocean.

Who is your ideal customer?

How do you find them?

Do you find them via mail order by copying names from a phone book,

knocking on doors, or cold calling?

Of course not. That's wasted energy.


The problem people have selling on Twitter is they’re trying to sell to everybody.

There are an estimated 400 million users on Twitter ... and they must find you.

You must write to attract them.

If you're an author selling books, some prospects won't have a Kindle.

Some of them haven't read a book since high school.

Some of them never purchased anything online.

Some of them are too busy or not interested to even read your tweet.

Some of them could care less!


It's all about word of mouth. It must match with a great product, book,

title, cover, price, marketing, etc. The more followers you have, the more opportunities you have for things to match.

With all the new Twitter tools, this is an ideal moment to rapidly grow your account.

The window of opportunity can be challenging and can close quickly.


I once asked a client what she thought about the Twitter's "Follow All" app.

She said, "I saw it, but that's about it.

I jokingly said you must develop a keen sense of what you see.

Don’t be like the two fish that met an old fish 🐟 he said how’s the water boys?

The 2 young fish looked at each other confused 😧 and said, what water?

LOL... I'm confused. She said. "Explain to me Obi Wan Kenobi."

Well, the two fish were oblivious to the water and swam in it every day.

Just like most people are oblivious to the Crown Jewel "Follow All" on Twitter

Some see it and pass it by; some use it and think it's not for them.


That's why you need a Twitter Coach. Some of the Top CEOs like Amazon’s 'Jeff Bezos,

Google's Larry Page, and even the late Steve Jobs have used an outside coach.

Tom Brady (the G.O.A.T.) Greatest of All Time has a QB Coach and the CEO of Sprint, just to name a few.

Studies prove there's a relationship between high performance & coaching' at any level of business.


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The key to the success of this strategy is to access the tweets while they are still fresh, and the retweeters are actively using Twitter. By being prompt in vetting and following them, you can position yourself at the top of their follow-backs and greatly increase your chances of gaining new followers.

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