Golden Nuggets

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Copyright © 2023 WHBone Publishing

by M LeMont

My Conversation with Artificial Intelligence: Chat-GPT.


I decided to test the capabilities of artificial intelligence by communicating with ChatGPT.

The task at hand was to have a direct conversation and evaluate its ability to process and understand input, as well as generate new content that is coherent, grammatically sound, and semantically comparable to the original text, and to rewrite an existing article and make it better.

The article I chose was titled “Nothing is Original Under the Sun.”

The experiment yielded impressive results as ChatGPT demonstrated its aptitude in accurately r...

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by M LeMont Copyright © 2017 WHBone Publishing

Meet Me at the Old Creepy Cabin at Midnight


Tears fall like rain from eyes so blue
Memories of you and me, forever true

Laughter echoes, whispers in the wind

Joyful times that now seem so thin
Our love was like a rose in bloom

Brilliant, vivid, a sweet perfume
But now that rose has withered away

Leaving only pain, a debt to pay

That night will haunt me forever

Outline of a flawless form

Each night I look at the sky above

Hoping for a sign, a symbol

But all I see is the endless dark

A void that haunts, a ceaseless mark

A picture so perfect, it will never depart

And when I close my eyes, I see your face

I ...

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The Antichrist is in a body & talks human.

He's here.

He has always been here.


"Don't be afraid. It's me who's talking to you. You know me." Satan.


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Reading Time: 6 minutes

Dark Planet

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Good & Evil

Copyright © 2020 WHBone Publishing

by M LeMont & Taylor Green


The parallelism between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump is frightening.

In 1923, Adolf Hitler led a failed coup. He was treated leniently. Germany moved on.

A decade later, he was elected, and the atrocities of the world ensued.

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump's Coup Attempt

The Republican party called it 'Legitimate Political Discourse.' A to...

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by M LeMont

How to use Twitter like a Gigantic Email Marketing list.


When it comes to Twitter, most users are blinded by the never-ending flow of content, information, news, etc.

As a result, they can’t see the similarities between Email Marketing and how to use Twitter like a gigantic email marketing list.

Twitter is a public forum, and anyone can view and interact with your tweets, which allows you to reach a wider audience, engage with prospects, and direct them to your website.

Both blog posts and email marketing involve creating and distributing content to an audience.

They can educate, inform, and engage readers and customers.

The main di...

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M LeMont

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tiny Billboards


Write it, promote it. And never pay again.


I had this bright idea to sell my website space for blog posts, like an ad. But not an ad. The pages are called "Tiny Billboards” that can be used as a canvas to display your posts, storytelling, short stories, or information visitors can read in 2 minutes. At the end of your blog post, you list your product offer, book, or service. (see examples below)

Each Tiny Billboard costs $500 for 600 words, and the length of time for the Tiny Billboard is Forever. That’s right. I think it should stay on my website forever, giving you maximum exposure.

Well, that is until, for some r...

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by M LeMont



“I knew some good and bad things would happen to me, but, in the long run, all of it would be converted into words.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Really? After all this time we've spent together, you still haven't written that book yet?
Oh, you don't know what to write about?

Here, let me help you. Let's start with the above quote by Jorge Luis Borges–he had confidence, that at some point, he could convert the things that happened to him into words.

Once you get on the other side of pain, it's usually the bad things that happened that make for good & interesting stories.

Think of 10 personal experiences–you had in life that touc...

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Reading Time 4min 20sec

by M LeMont

Hackers blackmailed famous author Harry Stevenson who had an online love affair with a married woman.

He refused to pay. I got the call. I wrote the story.

"Provocative, Romantic, Shocking, and Scandalous."

Have you ever thought about it? What makes a good love story?

Romance. Real-life drama. Love affair. Heart-throbbing sex. Suspense.

And a dose of erotica to keep your juices flowing.

Well, that's what I found in Harry's Love Letters Hacked!: A Novel

Let me tell you the story behind these letters and how I turned them into an "Epic" love story.

COPYRIGHT ©2016 by M LeMont

I first laid eyes on Harry's love letters when my attorney called and sa...

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The Universe’s Invisible SalesForce, "Epidemics”

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by M LeMont

Reading time 4min 30sec

I’ve been experimenting with ways to tap into the energy that makes things go viral deliberately. That’s one of the reasons I wrote How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. Because everything starts with activity, no activity, you’re pretty much dead in the water. Imagine if you could turn your ideas into something that spreads like a virus. Marketing scientists have been trying to discover the secret formula for years, but now, advances in technology and the internet open up new galaxies of possibilities.

I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Po...

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M LeMont

How did you get here? I mean, how did you arrive at my website. I want to know because Twitter stats don't show you even exist. You can imagine how depressing that is to make a business decision based on results when you see zero link clicks for a product or landing page. The number of Clicks could be the difference between winning and losing or success and failure, especially for marketers, bloggers, and self-published authors. If you fall in that category, this is the most important article you will ever read. Here's how I fixed the problem.

Why Bitly? I was asking myself the same question until I discovered the black hole called "Dark Socia...

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by M LeMont


Skeptical buyers make great customers.

All they want to know is that something works.

"I'm from Missouri, "The Show Me State," and you'll have to show me!"

Are these the 'Nerds' you were looking for, sir?

Yes, Yes, where did you find them?

They took "Math 55" at Harvard, Professor Ben's class...

Okay, tell them to justify this product with Quantitative Research and publish the results in the International Journal of Mathematics.

Sure deal. The truth is in the numbers.

Well, that didn't happen, but I do have the numbers. Keep reading.


Why Do Skeptics Run From This Book?

It's simple. Since the beginning of time, people have been deceiving and bei...

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