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Good & Evil

Copyright ©WHBone Publishing, April 2020

by M LeMont


The President of the United States

requires no formal education

no experience

bad credit bankruptcy okay

on the job training 4yrs to learn

if you royally screw up

get impeached twice

incite an insurrection

full pay, pardons, benefits

bodyguards and jet plane

“An evil enemy

will burn his own nation

to the ground…

to rule over the ashes.” Sun Tzu


Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you ... The 45th President of the United States of America

My Fellow Americans,

I came, I saw, I conquered

We took back our great country

from the radical left & won our freedoms

they have treated you...

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Hashtags allow you to categorize information so people can find it.

If you are selling a product, add a tag to your tweet or headline.

Hashtags have become the new SEO.

People use Twitter Search using their favorite HASHTAGS.

When you add the # before a word like #SocialMedia, then anyone looking for topics on Social Media can find and click on the link.

Now here's the BIG little Secret.

Hashtags give you the ability to reach an entirely different market outside of the people who follow you.

Think of each Hashtag as a market unto itself. People follow Hashtags like they follow people on Twitter.

Jennifer: What? Hashtags have their own follo...

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Guest Post: Carin Camen Follow

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To everyone, that life has beaten down, who feels like giving up... this article is for you.

You're not always going to understand why you plummet.

Sometimes you just need to ride out the storm,

knowing all things in life are temporary.

Life guarantees experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

Learn from the experience.

Keep moving.


Can I talk to you for a moment? Are you listening? Okay.

One sentence. One opinion. One moment in time can cause everything you've worked for to come crashing down around you.

As I lay on the hardwood floor of a 10 x 10 room and stare at how to organize the last few items so my OCD will calm the f*ck down, (I smile.)...

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by M LeMont

Highlights from #100KLIVE

Welcome, Everyone! #100KLIVE Open Forum. the purpose of this forum is to have an open discussion live on Twitter on how to build a Twitter social media platform fast and effectively. I'm M LeMont, Casi Famoso Author of 20 books and the Bestseller How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. And the host of The Retweet Train Show After Dark. I guarantee that you will learn things you never knew before. I will answer questions and reveal how I gained 300,000+ followers and helped others do the same. This thread will be open 24 hours/7 days a week or until a new session is started. My goal is to teach 100,000 people around the gl...

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What really drives a person into Bankruptcy? 40 MILLION MISTAKES


A Candid Conversation with a Sales Client

I’m not here to pussyfoot around and tell you things you already know –

In fact, you are lucky I had the decency to drop by.

I was once a client of yours.

I am pissed about the whole process.

What drives a person to bankruptcy in the first place?

I didn't deserve to go into bankruptcy but I did and it took years to recover.

I’m here to tell YOU that you are f**ked unless you take appropriate action.

The facts speak for themselves

This is awful news for Bankruptcy attorneys …

Credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies will cut and run when this information...

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One reader said, "The best damn blog post about selling on the internet and invaluable Twitter Tips."


Dear Twitter Follower, what took so long?

I've been waiting on you.

Oh, you were busy?

Okay, you're honest. Let's go on.

If you're like most business owners they want to move fast,

they don't have time to learn Twitter through trial and error.

I won't tell you how to cheat or hack your way to building a Twitter platform.

I can't wave a magic wand and presto! you have 100K followers.

What I have are proven strategies that I use every day,

that have helped hundreds of Twitter users gain tons of followers organically.

I believe in transparency and verifiable results.

I can HELP you grow and bli...

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by Taylor Green

What Great Stories are made of

Sometimes life hands you a shit sandwich and you better fucking eat it

because it will keep giving it to you until you do.

It’s to remind you of the random nature of things to come.

In life, good and bad things will happen and I will carve out the boring parts,

be bold and audacious with few details and write about it.

Great stories don’t need to fill a stadium with 100,000 words

I shall use short words that impact and appeal to the senses

True life stories are the best.

When told correctly can carry weight and bear fruit that comes straight from the heart.

A great story doesn’t always need a hero or a happy ending.

Truth conveys a...

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by M LeMont

3 Types of Busy

Are you really busy or do you have a pretense of being busy

or are you busy with the wrong things?

Which type are you?

I knew a fella who was a multilevel marketer nice guy always dressed professionally at the meetings.

Every time you called his home,

he would never answer the phone

because he wanted everyone to think he was busy.

This pretense of being busy made him appear to be important.

He even believed he was important.

His voice mail message

“Hello, this is Paul Leha

Thank you for calling.

I’m busy right now working on the ASAP Project for a Fortune 500 company.

I should have the deal done soon.

Leave me a message and I will have my assistant call you back....

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Enthusiasm is Contagious

You can do anything when you’re motivated.

I remember those words as clear as rain.

My coach, my mentor --my publisher, told me this over and over again.

He shouted don't quit! Don't you give up! He said you got a story to be told.

Enthusiasm is the fuel that keeps you going when presented with great challenges.

When listening to someone talk about their goals you can feel their zeal and can make it spread by being excited for them.

To encourage them to never refrain from aggressive challenges.

This stance will hold them in good stead to deliver greatness despite the odds it may entail.

Make the move to be excited about what you...

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M LeMont

How did you get here? I mean, how did you arrive at my website. I want to know because Twitter stats don't show you even exist. You can imagine how depressing that is to make a business decision based on results when you see zero link clicks for a product or landing page. The number of Clicks could be the difference between winning and losing or success and failure, especially for marketers, bloggers, and self-published authors. If you fall in that category, this is the most important article you will ever read. Here's how I fixed the problem.

Why Bitly? I was asking myself the same question until I discovered the black hole called "Dark Socia...

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