What really drives a person into Bankruptcy -- 40 MILLION MISTAKES

What really drives a person into Bankruptcy? 40 MILLION MISTAKES


Advice from a renowned copywriter to a beleaguered attorney.

I’m not here to pussyfoot around and tell you things you already know. In fact, consider yourself fortunate that I’ve taken the time to drop by. I was once a client of yours.

I am pissed off about the whole damn process. And you know what? I didn't deserve to go into bankruptcy —it hit me like a freight train. But it happened, and it took years to claw my way back.

The voice persisted, fueled with seething emotion…

I didn't deserve to go into bankruptcy, but I did, and it took years to recover. I’m here to tell YOU that you are f**ked unless you take appropriate action.

The facts speak for themselves. This is awful news for Bankruptcy attorneys …

Credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies will cut and run when this information is released.

First, let me say… there's nothing more awful than a bankrupt, insolvency legal advisor.

Last year, numerous insolvency legal counselors have become bankrupt themselves. They've watched as individuals essentially leave their obligation, feeling discouraged, deterred, and hopelessly enduring their time.

Liquidation legal advisors are joining the "bankrupt" crisis as they put “closed” signs on their doors.

In a decent economy, everybody would cheer. In these struggling financial times, liquidation attorneys are basic in helping other people free themselves from their obligation troubles and reestablish their lives. Complex liquidation regulations have changed the business and kept focused Americans helpless before new tax regulations.

Some legal counselors have devised strategies to neutralize these new regulations and assist with unburdening their clients.

The revelations that are about to surface will profoundly alter the lives of your clients, leaving nobody knocking at your door, seeking your help.

Nobody … N-O-B-O-D-Y

Do you hear me?

Yes, I’m listening.

YOU must alter your business model or risk being buried among the ranks of Bankruptcy Attorneys struggling to survive.

It's not an overstatement that a credit report can determine the fate of a consumer's financial stability, consequently impacting their mental and physical well-being.

Take, for example, Kenneth Baker who had enormous efforts to fix his credit report.

He sent many complaint letters to the credit bureaus. He hired lawyers to help plead his case. The document of evidence shows how credit bureaus merged another man’s account with his credit report and how he was removed from mainstream society and his reputation ruined.

He desperately wanted to move his family into a new house, but the credit bureaus were relentless in keeping him there.

The constant rejections, stress, humiliation, and depression became more than Kenneth could handle. Everybody has a breaking point.

On March 24, 2006, Kenneth Baker committed suicide.

Chi Chi Wu, staff attorney, National Consumer Law Center said, “In his last dispute letter to Experian, he wrote of how his battle to fix his credit had destroyed his life.” In his suicide note, Kenneth referred to his ordeal with the credit bureaus.”

You can read it for yourself. It's right there ... public records ...*filed documents

Now that you know where I'm coming from the rest of what I have to say will make sense.


According to a 60 minutes report, “A government study indicates that more than 40 million Americans have a mistake on their credit reports and 20 million have significant mistakes and nearly impossible to get resolved from your records.”

I’m not surprised, it’s all Rigged!

How long would a food processor go without any repercussions if it had an outbreak of Mad Cow disease that affected 40 million people?

Or, for that matter, a pharmaceutical company that had a deadly bacteria in one of its drugs?

Or even a car manufacturer that had a defect in its brake system that affected one out of every 5 customers?

The entire credit reporting system is a rigged game. Tell me what does bad credit have to do with car insurance or getting a job? Are you going to have more accidents or rip off an employer because you were laid off from your previous employer and couldn’t pay your bills?

The credit reporting system is RIGGED. It’s the Good Ole Boys’ way of exploiting the American consumer and lining their own pockets with money.

But now …



Things are changing for the WORSE -- for the good Ole' Boys.

Even their high-power lobbyists and contacts in Congress can't stop a juggernaut once it's in motion.

New book reveals a little-known law to free consumers from a 7-year dungeon.

Consumers are fighting back and repairing their credit by using the secret strategies contained in a new book. Everybody knows about writing dispute letters, you probably sent a few yourself. But it is the science and strategies that is behind these letters that get results.

Credit repair companies are flourishing

Bankrupt Attorneys are starving. And what about the Credit Bureaus, Creditors, and Collection Agencies?

They are being sued for millions of dollars.

Landmark Case. On July 2013, a jury awarded an Oregon woman 18.6 million Against Equifax for Credit Report Errors

The sales copywriter said, "Do you understand? " the question hung in the air.

"So, what should I do?" the bewildered client asked, "I’ve been a Bankruptcy Attorney for many years. I have a lot invested."

"Start by reading the book and then look for ways to change your business. I won’t be writing sales ads for you anymore, instead I’ll be writing my own ads to inform the public they’ve been misled, how every bankruptcy attorney has benefited, and the system is rigged, and while also guiding them on fighting back."

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The credit bureaus lobbied for the (FACT) ACT so they could have more freedom across all jurisdictions to gather, share, and sell personal credit information.

Congress knew the sharing of information would lead to increased errors on credit reports so they provided the Annual Credit Report Requirement.

It is with the free credit report requirement, that the credit bureaus didn't count on consumers using to clean up their credit reports.

If they can't verify your dispute, they must delete it!


What if you worked at one of the credit bureaus or knew someone that did, you would know all about the secret memos and procedures, wouldn’t you?

The book includes:

How to repair your own credit

Learn how the Credit Bureaus work from the inside out

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Insider Secrets for filing disputes.

The human psychology behind sending dispute letters that increase the odds of removing

Template Dispute Letters

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