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Write it Now, Sell it Forever! That's my motto.

20 books. There came a time when I had to slow down and focus on selling. I realized that my books weren't going to grow legs and walk and sell themselves. Uploading books to Amazon wasn't enough. That's like orbiting solar space with a zillion other stars. Nobody knew my books existed. Success as an author depends on good marketing. Marketing is 90%, and your book is 10% or until someone reads it and becomes 100%. We are all competing for the same eyeballs. Thousands of tweets fly across our computer screens every day, and only 1% of our followers are online at the same time, and only 1% of those will see our tweets. So if you want to sell books, you have to depend on good marketing. And for something to go viral, it takes thousands of people doing the same thing at approximately the same time. You must remove your author's hat and put on your publisher's hat, and market like crazy without spamming--




Frequency, Headlines, and Precision which I cover in my book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. Today, I've curated a fantastic article by LoriCulwell and RachelintheOC that explains The Secret to Book Marketing. I link back to this article at the end for reference, and as one reader said,

"This is the best damn post I've read on marketing." I Agree 100%.


The Secret to Book Marketing by @LoriCulwell via @BadRedheadmedia @RachelintheOC

There Is NO Book Marketing Shortcut

There is no shortcut, people. There is no secret.

You need to set your network up properly (website, social media, author sites, etc.), then you need to get yourself out there, every single day, interacting with people. You need to make real connections, which means you can’t just “phone in” your marketing efforts by tweeting “buy my book!” over and over again.


This, sadly, is the main sticking point for authors—they feel like they have finished and can breathe a sigh of relief when their book is finished.

When I tell them that, in fact, their work has just begun, they get upset. Sometimes they argue with me on Twitter. Sometimes they reply back to my emails with nasty messages. Sometimes they come up to me in person and tell me that I am “just wrong,” or that I’m crazy, and that their publisher is going to do the marketing for them, once they find a publisher.

“What if you can’t get a publisher because you don’t have a website or any social media?” I sometimes reply (less so now, as I am trying not to engage). I ask this because I have been traditionally published and have worked as a consultant for major publishers, and I know for a fact that a website and social media are the unwritten requirements of the 2016 publishing contract.

I know this for a fact because I am part of the REASON for this being an unwritten requirement, because, and you can quote me on this: AN AUTHOR WITHOUT A WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR SUCCESS.

Oh yes, I put that in all caps. I have said these very words more times than I can count. I have said these words in blog posts, at major publishing conferences, to publishing bigwigs, and to bestselling authors. I have said these words to countless self-published authors, and, 100% of the time, I can tell who will have a long-term career as an author based on their reaction to this statement. I have said this until I am blue in the face, I have seen it played out in real results, I have coached authors over the hump of the tedious setup process and the formation of the “1 hour per day” social media habit.

To a person, I have seen the success of the people who have put in the work consistently, and I have watched the “shortcut seekers” fade away, angrily ranting all the while that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that they write fiction and therefore can’t optimize their websites, that they are introverts and just cannot get out there on social media, that their publisher should be doing more, that I should just set everything up for them (!), that they have been tweeting “Buy my book!” and no one is buying their book, and so on.


Continue reading the article by Rachel Thompson. The book 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge is available on Amazon and my bestseller How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. Both are great companion books that show how to build a social media platform on Twitter. *nonaffiliateproducts

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