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The Secret to Book Marketing by @LoriCulwell via @BadRedheadmedia @RachelintheOC

There Is NO Book Marketing Shortcut

There is no shortcut, people. There is no secret.

You need to set your network up properly (website, social media, author sites, etc), then you need to get yourself out there, every single day, interacting with people. You need to make real connections, which means you can’t just “phone in” your marketing efforts by tweeting “buy my book!” over and over again.


This, sadly, is the main sticking point for authors—they feel like they have finished and can breathe a sigh of relief when their book is finished.

When I tell them that, in fact, their work has just begun, they get upset. Sometimes they argue with me on Twitter. Sometimes they reply back to my emails with nasty messages. Sometimes they come up to me in person and tell me that I am “just wrong,” or that I’m crazy, and that their publisher is going to do the marketing for them, once they find a publisher.

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