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by MLeMont

Some critics wonder how I crank out information as fast as McDonald's make fast food. They also think writing quality diminishes with writing fast. Well, that's because they don't understand the process and the benefits derived from writing fast. I can publish a 100-page book in 30 days and write a 500- word article in less than 20 minutes.

How to Write Fast Without Losing Writing Quality

Most writers believe that writing slow produces better quality when just the opposite is true. Writing slow tires the mind and breaks the spirit. That's why most books are never finished. Writing fast makes writing books and blog posts fun, and keeps you more focused and interested.

You must start with the premise that all writings are a piece of shit, and the faster you can get the shit on paper, the faster you can turn it into gold. Nothing happens until you get it on paper and start the editing process, whether it's a book or a post.


The Benefits of Writing Fast

  • The faster you write, the sooner you can start the editing process

  • The faster you write, the better you get

  • The faster you write, the more content you can turn into gold

  • The faster you write, the more books you have to sell

  • The faster you write, the more posts visitors can read

  • The faster you write, the more visitors will come to your site

  • The faster you write, the more ideas that you generate from everywhere

  • The faster you write, the faster your skills are developed as a writer


The Writing Process

1. Quality comes later

2. Correct Spelling later

3. Edit later

4. Syntax later

5. Polish later

The first thing you want to do is get the information on paper and don't worry about grammar, misspelled words, or anything, just write it down fast. None of it has to make sense. The sentences can all be disjointed–who cares. That's what I'm saying here–don't care. It's a piece of shit anyway. So why are you wasting time trying to make it perfect? Writing it slow is not going to make it perfect. Editing is the only way your writing is going be good.

So why write one book a year when you can write 12 or write 1 post a week when you can write one every day?

You'll find this will open a new world of writing that seems impossible to others.

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