What makes a good love story?

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by M LeMont

Hackers blackmailed famous author Harry Stevenson who had an online love affair with a married woman.

He refused to pay. I got the call. I wrote the story.

"Provocative, Romantic, Shocking, and Scandalous."

Have you ever thought about it? What makes a good love story?

Romance. Real-life drama. Love affair. Heart-throbbing sex. Suspense.

And a dose of erotica to keep your juices flowing.

Well, that's what I found in Harry's Love Letters Hacked!: A Novel

Let me tell you the story behind these letters and how I turned them into an "Epic" love story.

COPYRIGHT ©2016 by M LeMont

I first laid eyes on Harry's love letters when my attorney called and said he had a friend that was hacked.

And the hacker blackmailed him to keep the letters from being published and ruining his reputation.

My attorney said that his friend is not one you can easily push around,

so he decided to release the letters himself, and I might be interested in writing the story?

He was circumspect, not willing to say anything about the letters.

My initial reaction was, "Hell no!" I don't have time to read any f*%!ing memoirs, journals, letters,

or whatever you want to call them. I'm too busy. I get offers like this all the time.

But since he's my attorney, I spared him any contemptuous rudeness.

Instead, I was polite and told him that romance & dating were a hot platform,

and I would be anxious to see what I could do with the information...if anything.

After all, my attorney has read three of my novels; his client, Harry, has read one.

Jeff made me swear on a stack of bibles: if I decide not to write the story

that I must never disclose to anyone about the love affair. Harry Stevenson is a famous author–Ann Wilder,

a well-known ghostwriter and married to a renowned architect. All right, that's fair.

I understand the situation is delicate, and both have a lot to lose.

I'll never say a word; that's how I roll anyway.

The fact that Ann Wilder is a married woman intrigued me.

I read the first few pages. I read some more. I kept reading. I began to see images–

pictures in my mind of a love story unfolding. My eyes were glued to the pages.

I was ravished in pure unadulterated–ecstasy, joy, love, and pain of an online romance.

I've never read anything so passionate–so real in my life–as perfect as a teardrop.

It evokes a keen sense of hope, sadness, and reality. I sent an email with the subject line...'

I'm all in!' I'd love to write the story or at least try.

Their decision to make this information public, I'm sure, wasn't an easy one.

In a world where celebrity and political sex scandals run rampant,

they both felt it was better for them to tell the story than to be blackmailed.

I believe that, and even more so, since I've written the book, they are 100% correct.

This book is a gift to women who are unhappy and stuck in a boring,

unaffectionate, and non–romantic relationship or marriage and who have lost touch with reality of what true love really is.

It's also a wake-up call to MEN everywhere– get your act together;

there is always another man who wants your woman more than you.

This book captures the true essence of innocence, happiness, love, passion,

and erotica between a man and a married woman who met online

and have never seen each other's faces or even talked on the phone.

The events are chronologically arranged so that you can feel

the natural development of the story and intimacy. I want it to be an 'experience,' not just a book.

The same experience they had!!!

There are links throughout the book for you to click. (Pc users hold down the control key and click away.)

The book is provocative, romantic, shocking, and scandalous.

There are so many lessons that you can glean from reading it.

If you are a hopeful romantic looking to find your soul mate,

there's something you should know–wondrous things can happen by chance.

Be careful what you wish for–you might just get it.

Writing this book has changed my viewpoint and opened my understanding of what happiness is.

If you approach reading this book with a gentle heart and are not so quick to pass judgment,

you'll understand the love story between Harry Stevenson and Ann Wilder.

For what does it profit a man or woman to gain the whole world

and never experience the love and oneness of their soul mate?

I'm convinced that true love comes around only once in a lifetime.

And when it comes, you have to be ready.

Happiness requires all your energy to make some hard decisions and personal sacrifices.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to write this story.

I can only hope that I did it justice that the story deserves.

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