A Woman's Gotta Have It

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A Woman's Gotta Have It

by M LeMont

A Woman's Gotta Have It. She wants to hear sweet words from her man every day, not once a year on her birthday.

Ladies, I want to talk to you for a moment. Let me ask you a question.

How many times have you listened to a love song, and the lyrics brought you to a place where you always wanted to be,

and you wished that you could stay there forever? You’d listen to that song over and over again.

The words made you reminisce–think back on some of the happiest times of your life when things were so electric and

sparks were flying everywhere. What would you give to have that feeling again?

That feeling when you got his number—and stayed up all night talking–texting on the phone.

And all the sweet and sexy things he said.

Do you remember when you couldn’t get any work done–

and almost getting fired for thinking of him all day?

But slowly, over time, all those sexy things he said to get you just faded away.

It seems that he forgot what it took to get you.

Words have the power to move, arouse, and excite– nothing warms a woman’s heart more than sweet words coming from her man every day.

She wants to hear them…they take her to another world—LA LA LAND, where she wants her man to make all her fantasies come true.

Now MEN, let me talk to you for a moment. I want to give you some good advice.

Are you there? Okay. Listen. If you’re not saying something sweet to your woman every day,

just remember that there is another man out there that is, and one day you’ll look up, and she’ll be gone.

Are you listening to me?

I know what I’m talking about. That’s what happened in my latest novel, Harry’s Love Letters Hacked! A true story.

Ann Wilder, married to a renowned architect and stuck in a boring and unfulfilling marriage, had an emotional affair with a famous author. The book is provocative, romantic, and scandalous.

It’s a wake-up call to men everywhere–get your act together, don’t take your woman for granted,

she has feelings, wants, and desires like you do, and she wants to feel loved.

If you want to keep your woman, you have to do the same things you did when you first met her.

You have to romance her, make her feel beautiful, special, and make her feel like a woman.

And it starts with the sweet words that a woman wants to hear coming from her man every day. Sexy words that stimulate every part of her being and make her feel good. It's all a mind thing.

And that’s where you must start– say sweet words a woman wants to hear.

Your words can bring a smile on her face and make her happy.

"It’s your mind, baby… it’s your mind all over my mind."

Passion will make you fall for what you feel.

Give her intellectual orgasms and let the temptation drip down on her thoughts and enrich her soul.

The human intellect is like peacock feathers, an extravagant display intended for 'Sapiosexual'

who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a sensual,

poetic mindblowing infinite orgasmic experience.

Harry's Love Letters Hacked! A Novel by M LeMont is available now. It is beyond the scope of anything you’ve ever read.

Spruce up your marriage or relationship and share it with your mate.

Remember ... for things to change and get better…you must change something.

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