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How do you feel when someone who has a million followers, follows you? I had a friend call me and said the Prime Minister of UK was following him, but it turned out instead, that he was following the Prime Minister. Now, how funny is that?! Oh, you don’t think it’s funny? Well, let me tell you something, it shows that we all want to be connected, to someone who we perceive to be important. Anyone that has at least 100,000 followers is considered to be a social media influencer, and people think, they must be important since only a small fraction of Twitter users have such a large following. And, it’s human nature to want to be part of an inner circle or tribe. After all, how did they get so many followers?

The success as a promoter, entertainer, musician, or artist is largely based on popularity. How many followers? When you have a large following, it begets more followers; and the more followers, the more people who will sample your music, and become fans, and the more CD’s you’ll sell, and more live performances, and more bargaining power you’ll have with label companies. Also, the more followers, the more retweets of your tweets. Tweets are like microblogs or billboards, and the more impressions that people see, the more you’ll STAND OUT. It’s all about branding, marketing & distribution, not the music. Well, it is about the music but not initially so please, don’t get offended. You could have the best music in the world but if nobody knows that it exists you’ll be lucky to recover production costs. The winning formula; Marketing 99% and your music 1% until people discover it. That holds true for all entertainers and DIY. Even if you’re a mix martial artist, your worth to the UFC or promoter is based on your popularity; the more fans, the more pay per views and live gate ticket sales, and the more power you have to negotiate. Your value can rise or decline like the stock market based on the number of fans. Label companies, book publishers, agents, promoters, they all look at social media as a way of measuring the initial worth of an artist. So, you must build a Twitter platform to get fans and never stop building. There’s no getting around it; you must have a formidable presence on social media. Especially with today’s technology, everyone can write and publish a song. There is a horde of indie musicians and songs–everyone trying to get noticed. One day, having a song published will be as common as having a Facebook account. Now, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the point. All you really need to publish a song is an internet connection and upload your music to a distribution channel; iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or CDBaby, etc., and you’re presumably in business. And that’s where it stops for most musicians. They think just because they uploaded their CD to one or all of those channels they are going to be an instant success, and sell a million downloads overnight. Let’s not talk falsely here, okay? It’s not true. I know it’s happened a few times, maybe more than that, but it’s like hitting the lottery or a video that goes viral. Nobody knows your music is even on iTunes except for the few people you told about it. Your music is sitting on distribution channels that make your CD accessible and easy for people to buy. Let’s be real–if you’re going to sell a 1,000 CD’s you need 1,000 fans, and if you’re going to sell a MILLION CD’s you need a MILLION fans. So, you must drive traffic to those channels, or you’ll never make any sales. Your CD is not going to sell itself just because you wrote and published it. Once you upload your songs, you must take your song writer’s hat off and put on your publisher’s hat. And start thinking like a sales executive in the marketing department of a big label company.

The fastest and most effective way of marketing your CD is to build a Twitter platform to launch your product from, to grow and cultivate followers, and turn them into raving fans. However, Twitter is not a sales channel or a place for you to tweet sales messages, “Hey, please buy my CD, repeatedly over and over again. Listen, nobody’s going to buy your effing CD like that. Sorry, you seem like a nice person but I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m going to tell you the truth. You wouldn’t walk in a room full of strangers and say, hey I just published a CD, and it’s on iTunes, now would you? You want to engage with your followers and get to know them, and let them get to know you. People don’t like buying from strangers. I recently published a book titled, Harry’s Love Letters Hacked; it’s a romance story with a taste of erotica. I knew all of my followers would not be interested. So, to find my market, I wrote blog posts about how to write a love story, romance, and dating tips, etc., and drove traffic to my website. And, at the end of the article, there’s a call to action and a link to my book. You can do the same thing, tweet videos of your live performances, events, clips of other concerts, information, vlogs, and links to your website and where they can sample and buy your CD. The more impressions or images people see of you, the more popular you become. You have to splatter yourself across Twitter in a fun and entertaining way. Look at it as your own radio show. Twitter gives you the microphone to be whatever you want to be. In this case, you want to make yourself a famous singer before you become famous. Most famous singers were famous long before they hit the big pay day. I’m going to show you how to get an unlimited number of followers and how to engage and build relationships with people who will spread the word about your music. On social media word of mouth travels like the speed of light, the push of a button can reach thousands of people.

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