Discovering Happiness by Taylor Green

No one knows where they are going or what their day will be like.

The world is full of Dreams that are Possible, even for those whose reach is Impossible.

Does it mean they would be satisfied?

Will that happiness be Everlasting?


No one is the same.

Despite everyone’s differences, life is what you make it.

You don’t have to be a Millionaire to have a Happy Life. Just be grateful that you have a Life.

Stay Clean, be kind to animals and nature, and your fellow human being.

Born into Evil, we need guidance and love. Without it, we are misguided and lost until someone finds us, or we find ourselves. Otherwise, we become imprisoned in a system that will enslave us no matter what age, race, gender, or background we come from.

In all uncertainty …. love can thrive in a thistle of thorns, beauty is not without its admirers, whether it be skin deep, on the surface, or from a distance … Love transcends all barriers.

History leaves behind a bitter taste of indescribable tragedy that reminds us what we are capable of and those unsung heroes whose cries for freedom and justice is still in Vain

Millions of people struggle to be free... unaware of how deeply rooted it can be even in our own backyard (family.)

My journey is Miraculous Self Discovery impossible to navigate if hindered without acknowledging God’s grace and mercy. I am proud to have an opportunity to share a shocking story thanks to Co-writer and publisher M LeMont, and my host of characters that I didn't know existed until the end.

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