Do you have a digital boyfriend or girlfriend?

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by M LeMont

Do you have a Digital Boyfriend or Girlfriend? People are messaging, interacting, and having secret love affairs more than at any time in history. Online communication has become part of our everyday life, and before you know it, you've fallen head over heels in love. We all are looking for a soul mate, a knight in shining armor, a Prince Charming that can sweep us away and spend the rest of our lives with.

There’s nothing like making love on the beach on a warm summer’s day with a soft wind blowing, serenading your mind. The only thing that surpasses it is the intimacy of corresponding with someone online without seeing their face or hearing their voice and thinking about them all the time. That’s the ultimate high. It fills you, thrills you, overwhelms you and consumes you beyond anything you can imagine. I can’t think of anything better. The internet has taken online romance to a whole new level of intimacy.

Most online relationships–digital girlfriends and boyfriends (GF BF), for lack of a better word start as simple as a hello or a compliment, and you’re off to the races. It can lead to a string of conversations that last for weeks and even months.

The fact that you can bravely confess your feelings, secrets and talk openly with a stranger is therapeutic. It is an escape from the real world into a virtual world of whatever you want it to be-- The “Secret Garden” where all your fantasies come true.

One benefit of online chats is it allows you to fill a void or space. But having a GF or BF and feeling close to someone who cannot walk with you, go to a movie with you, eat with you, look at you, touch you, hold you, kiss you, make love to you can be difficult. But somewhere amidst an ocean of a zillion tweets, direct messages, replies, photos, you’ll meet someone. It happens pretty frequently, single or married.

One day, you’ll find a person that intrigues you. You’ll start slow, and then you’ll go deeper and deeper every day. But at some point, no matter the circumstance, you’ll have to change levels; start talking on the phone, meet them in person, and see if you’re physically attracted to each other. Either you'll like them, or you don't. Unfortunately, there is no in-between.

The digital relationship will shortly die after that, or it will accelerate to something tangible. The good news is--it was exhilarating, and you'll probably try it again one day; although you say you won't, you will. But this time, with more experience under your belt.

So, to all my digital GF and BF's that I may never meet who have read my book Harry's Love Letters Hacked--I wish you the best online relationships that you can have. It’s not the journey but the destination that’s exciting.

Take it slow, manage your expectations, and experience the vastness and goodness online intimacy has for you. And know that one day it will end and disappear back into the ether or the nothingness of where it came from.

And if it started with a roar, it will probably end, in a roar, for violent delights often have violent endings. Finding true love requires sacrifice and all your energy, but in the end, it’s worth it.

My book Harry’s Love Letters Hacked is a true story about two people that found love on Twitter, or so they thought. It is beyond the scope of anything that you’ve ever read.