Don't Get Drunk on a Dream

"A search for freedom can take you anywhere, don't get drunk on a dream."

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by M LeMont

"I’m under the impression that a lot of people are now looking at self-publishing as a Get Rich Quick scheme, and there is no such thing. Look what Amanda Hocking accomplished in a year, when they really should be saying–Look what Amanda Hocking accomplished in twenty years. Because that’s how long I’ve been writing, that’s how long I’ve been working towards this goal."

Those are the words of Amanda Hocking who sold over one million books in less than a year in 2010.

Now everyone wants to be the next overnight success story. But that was then and this is now.

Currently, ebooks are surpassing print book consumption and growing at a faster rate. There are over 800 e-books published every day giving readers plenty of choices.

Success is–now you see it, and now you don't.

"Every industry has the pie in the sky, hit the lottery, get rich overnight hopes and dreams."

If you really knew how much authors earn, you'd be shocked. It's a shame that we can't get accurate information about what authors realistically earn.

Amazon and other publishing companies do not disclose author earnings or book sales. So it's hard for new authors to manage their expectations and set realistic goals.

Listen to this.

What you see is an illusion.

When you see a book listed as a Best Seller, you think the book is selling like gangbusters. But what it really means is–Best Seller in it's Genre or Category, which doesn't necessarily equate to a lot of sales.

One sale a day in a weak category could earn an author the Best Seller title, but clearly, the author didn't earn very much.

Now that's the biggest illusion of them all. Since publishing companies don't disclose authors' earning, it's hard to find figures unless you get them directly from the authors themselves.

Here are three blogs where authors are straightforward about how much they're earning: Amanda Hocking–Epic Tale of How It All Happened, Rachel Thompson–How Much An Author Can Realistically Expect To Make, Part Two, and Hugh Howey 7K blog.

So my sweet dumpling, it all boils down to this: A Search for Freedom Can Take You Anywhere; Don't Get Drunk On A Dream. Write because you love it and be so damn good, one-day people want to pay you for it.

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