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A Short Story: Harry the Dog


I'm taking my evening walk when I hear a dog barking. It sounds like it was in a lot of pain.

A man in his 50's shouted, "Shut your mouth, you stupid mutt!! Or I'll cut your ears off!!"

He had a burning stick, torching the dog and brutally kicking it. "You're why my wife left. I told her I didn't want you staying in the fucking house. Now she's gone and left you here to irritate me." The poor dog, a German Shepherd, was chained to a tree, struggling to get free.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I took my phone and started recording the incident. I hollered, "Hey, You Sick MotherFucker!! Stop hitting that dog. I just called the Cops, and they're on the way!!

"What?!! Who the fuck, are you? Get off my property. You Dumb Bitch!" Then he came straight towards me with the burning stick in his hand. I felt my heart racing a million beats a second. The only defense I had was my walking staff. I never leave home without it. I jabbed him real hard in the guts.

"Ahhh Fuck!... You're Dead like that Mongrel!!" He bent over, grabbed his stomach, and slowly walked to his car and drove away.

The dog was barking as if he was trying to protect me. Gnarling his teeth, I could tell he was also scared. "Hey boy," I whispered. "It's okay, boy, that mean Psycho is gone," but it kept barking. I sat in front of him till he calmed down. I had a burger in my backpack I had bought, so I gave it to him. He didn't eat it. He was severely hurt and needed medical attention. I didn't know who to call. I lied about calling the police, so I called the Emergency Hotline.

"Hello, this is 911?"

"Please send an ambulance. There's a dog that its owner has badly beaten. I was frantic.

"A dog," the man said in disbelieve.

"Yes, a dog! Hurry, please."

The dispatcher said, "This is the Emergency Hotline, 911. You need to call The Animal Rescue Centre SPCA. Let me give you the number."

NO! I don't have time to write down a damn number! They are probably closed anyway. Can you send an ambulance, please? I was hysteric, "This poor dog is dying!"

"Okay, what is your location?"

I told that idiot, "I'm at the corner of 5th and Broadway." Sorry, I don't like a lot of questions when I'm under pressure.

The dog was breathing hard and its tongue hanging out its mouth. I gave it some water, and it stared up at me. I saw pain and gratitude in his sad brown eyes.

His story was unfolding in front of me. He was alone, abandoned, left at the hands of Humans, which was all too common among stray animals. I read the horror stories of animal cruelty on the internet and saw videos on Youtube.

I never thought I'd be a witness to it. Yet this happens a lot when people only care about themselves. When you own an animal, it becomes part of your family. You can't toss it to the side like a rag doll whenever you get ready.

"Don't worry, boy, help is on the way. Everything will be okay." I don't think he believed me. I didn't blame him.

The ambulance came, and the paramedics sedated the dog and transported him to the Animal Emergency Hospital.

The cops asked what happened here. I filled them in and showed them the video.

One officer said this was awful. "We will find this Bastard." The officer asked, "You wouldn't by chance know the dog's name, would you?"

"The dog's name is Harry."


"Well, that's the name I gave him." Harry after the movie Dirty Harry, because I felt Lucky that day, lucky to have met an Amazing Hero.

I rode in the ambulance to take Harry to the animal hospital.

The animal doctors said Harry was malnourished, had internal bleeding, had burns to his body. It was so emaciated and could hardly stand.

It took several months for Harry to recover, and I came every day to visit.

We had become close friends. The staff did a great job nursing him back to health. They were amazed at the dog's strength despite his harrowing experience.

Once Harry was discharged, he was in the care of the Animal Shelter, to be fostered then adopted to his Forever Home.

I was no longer able to visit him. The Animal Shelter had rules, no visitors unless you are adopting or fostering an animal. They allowed me to say my Goodbyes one last time.

"Harry, I'm sorry I can't take you home with me. I can't afford to take care of you. Please don't be sad." I tried to keep my tears back, but Harry was crying for both of us. "Hey! You'll be okay. A nice family waiting to have you and love you as I do. So eat your meals, stay strong and have fun, my Friend." "You're a beautiful dog, Harry. I will always Love You!!"
I hugged him so tight. He sensed I would not be coming back. I heard him howling as I left the shelter. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my whole life. My heart was broken.

The cops arrested the man that abused him and charged him with five counts of Animal Cruelty. He's on bail awaiting trial.

The Animal Shelter manager called the next day and said, "Jade, why don't you foster Harry? We can provide everything for you. He needs a place to stay until he gets adopted." All... you need is signed permission from your Landlord.

I said, "I can't. My landlord won't allow it. Tenants are not allowed to have pets."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Jade."

"It's okay. Harry will be fine. He's a Champion! Whoever has him will be Lucky and Love him like I do." My words were hollow with sadness. I never went back to the Animal Shelter.

A whole year had gone by. I heard Harry was adopted by a lovely family and doing well. I was glad. But I still missed him and thought of him often.

"Okay, I'm coming! Who is it?"

A manly voice said, "Uber Food Delivery."

I hadn't ordered any food. Hey, I wish Y'all would get your business straight … this is the second time you've delivered to the wrong address. As soon I opened the door, it slammed hard against my face, and I felt a hand on my throat, choking me!

"Remember me!! Bitch! You made my life a living hell!! That video you put on social media, I lost my job, and everybody hates me."

Oh, my God, it was that Animal Abuser!!

"You Bitch! I'm going to fucking Kill you!"

I woke up in the hospital after being in a coma for three days. The cops said a neighbor across the hall heard me screaming and called the police. Otherwise, I would have died.

The doctor said, "Jade, we're sorry, but the trauma to your head has caused temporary blindness. I'm unsure if you will ever regain your sight."

Crying, I said, "Doctor will I be able to walk again?"… "It's too early to tell Jade. You will need months of physical therapy. You are very fortunate to be alive. Someone from Social Services will come and talk to you about assisted living."

I stayed in the hospital for two months.

"Jade, welcome to your new home." I was blind, and the only good news, my physical therapy was working. I was able to stand and walk with the aid of a walking stick.

The social worker said, "Jade, we will be assigning a support guide dog to help assist you with your independence to be out and about."

I said, "How much will that cost? I can't afford to take care of a dog. I'm fucking blind!"

"Everything is all provided Jade, no need to worry about any costs. The Support Guide Dog is well trained and is here to help you."

"Fine," I said.

"Jade, let me introduce you to your guide dog. His name is Harry."

"What his name is, HARRY?" The dog started sniffing and smelling me like crazy and licking my hand.

"Wow, he's wagging his tail and very excited. He acts as if he knows you."

Tears started to well up in my eyes, "He does know me! It was my, Harry!"

I got down on my knees and started hugging him. "I missed you too, Harry. Are you feeling lucky? Because I sure am!

Harry and I have never been apart since.


This short story depicts the cruelty towards animals. Indifference is worse than the Act of Abuse, Pain, and Suffering. Doing nothing is a Crime against Humanity!

Everyone needs to do their part to protect against Animal Cruelty. Don't just leave it to Animal Rescue Team and Police. Your help and kindness will also save their precious life.

Please, if you can: Foster or Adopt these Treasured Animals. They are worth it. So go to your nearest Animal Shelter and let these animals be part of your loving family. or donate towards Animals Shelters to assist them in providing rehabilitation, safety, and good health for these loving Animals.

Animals bring so much joy and love to humans. They provide support for the blind as Guide Dogs, also used for therapy for Teenagers who have experienced personal trauma. They are Loyal, devoted, Unconditional love to their human family as well as their own litter of puppies or kittens.

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