Hashtags Are The New SEO Follow @mistersalesman

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Hashtags allow you to categorize information so people can find it.

If you are selling a product, add a tag to your tweet or headline.

Hashtags have become the new SEO.

People use Twitter Search using their favorite HASHTAGS.

When you add the # before a word like #SocialMedia, then anyone looking for topics on Social Media can find and click on the link.

Now here's the BIG little Secret.

Hashtags give you the ability to reach an entirely different market outside of the people who follow you.

Think of each Hashtag as a market unto itself. People follow Hashtags like they follow people on Twitter.

Jennifer: What? Hashtags have their own followers?

M LeMont: Yes, in reality, you don't need any followers if you know the magic of Hashtags. But, if you did have a lot of followers it would expand your reach even farther.

Jennifer: This is intriguing. Why don't you give me some examples of a headline with Hashtags that you wrote...

M LeMont: Well, there is a special app I use that rates the popularity of Hashtags. Naturally you don't want to use a hash-tag with zero popularity because nobody's following those.

Go to: and type any word as a Hashtag. You want to use the Hashtags with highest ratings from the site: those with a score of 50 and higher.

Jennifer: That is a critical piece of marketing information ML, and I see why you use as many Hashtags as Twitter's 140 characters will allow.

M LeMont: The so-called experts will tell you not to use any more than 2 Hashtags because it looks ugly. Well, ugly stands out in the world of beauty.

Plus, each Hashtag is like a separate tweet. For example, if I use 5 Hashtags, that is equivalent to sending 5 additional tweets–in the same message.

I hope everyone got that?

I'm doing my best to break it down and show how important it is to Think differently about Hashtags. It's critical if you want to reach a larger and diverse market.

Jennifer: I want to go to right now to see how many people are in the #ThinkDifferentCrowd Hajajaja! Thanks M LeMont! You definitely have us Thinking Differently about the importance of Hashtags!

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