How can you write books so fast? Follow @mistersalesman

M, you crank books out like McDoanld's cooking fast food. How do you do that? I'm a writer that's what I do. I write all day every day. But I'm also smart. I eliminate steps that slow down the process--like operating an assembly line. Every business needs more products and more products lead to more sales, more profits. Can you imagine Apple selling one product i.e. iPod, or Amazon just selling books? As an author, you are also a publisher. The critics, associate writing a lot of books fast as low quality. That's bullshit because all you have to do is put the right processes and quality controls in place. Learn to become more efficient--look for ways to speed up your writing. Break the mold, stir things up. Who says all you can write is one book a year? Why not write a book every three months? Do something to reward yourself when you publish, like a weekend trip, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or rent a limousine and go across town and stay in a fancy hotel suite, do something that motivates you to write fast. Anyway, the bottom line: Find ways to increase production. Writing books is not a hobby. Run it like a business and one day; it might just reward you like one. I will make this offer to the first 25 people. Email me your writing process I'll review it and tell you the steps you need to eliminate to write fast and become more efficient. Hit the Blue Contact Button at the top of this page.

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