How to Avoid The Trap - Writer's Block (Writing in chunks) Follow @mistersalesman

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by M. Le'Mont

"Push! Push Hard! Now relax and let the baby come. That's the way ideas are born. You must get totally immersed
and push hard. Then relax, and the ideas will come at the most unexpected places and times."

An author's finest hour is when he lays there exhausted, knowing that he gave it his best, and reads a review that his work was appreciated. Writing is an art in the same way that painting is to a painter. Not what you see on the canvas counts, but what you don't see matters. The perception of how you should write is the root of the problem.

Then someone gave it a hideous name like "Writer's Block," and immediately everyone identified with it. I realized after analyzing my own way of writing that Writer's Block, exists in the confines of the writer's mind.

Growing up, I imagined an author going to a cabin in a secluded place in the mountains to write a book. Then I discovered that writers have their own unique way of writing. For example, there are times that I write in the most chaotic, noisy, unusual, and extreme conditions. The conditions don't matter because it's already been written in my head.

I never know when an idea of a scene will hit me, but I have to be ready to capture it; otherwise, it will be gone forever. I never force myself to write. I wait and let the ideas flow. I always keep a mobile device handy and send a text or voice message to myself. Then I write in chunks of paragraphs, sentences, or phrases that lead me down a rabbit hole.

Once I find the rabbit hole, I see how deep it goes and explore everything; the ridiculous and outrageous. Sometimes it will lead me down blind alleyways that open to galaxies of exciting scenes and characters I never dreamed of. And other times, it leads nowhere.

At that point, I'm in a zone where time doesn't exist, and ideas are begging to spring forth in shape and form. I can then write continuously and connect the chunks of paragraphs to each other and make them flow like a stream that flows into a river, a river that flows to a lake, and a lake that flows into the ocean.

Writing this way, I never have Writer's Block because it's already written before sitting down. It only takes a spark to start a forest fire; ideas come from everywhere and at the strangest times; in the shower, restroom, in the middle of making love, in conversations, movies, music, phrases, sentences, words, situations, etc. They may arrive at 3:00 in the morning or at my kid's soccer game.

Below I've listed some things that can help you avoid the trap of writer's block. But this is not a hard list, its' soft. Too many rules and too much experience destroy creativity. After you write what you consider a blockbuster ending or scene, push yourself and ask, WHAT'S NEXT or WHAT NOW?

When you write in chunks, your work is never finished- ideas continue to flow long after publication. So why not return to the original work and make it better; you are the man, aren't you? You own the blog--the ebook, the rights, etc. so don't bind yourself to rules...shyt go in there and make changes anytime you want and improve it, even after it's published. This is the digital age we live in.

Here is a short list to Avoid the Trap of Writer's Block

Write it in your mind first.

Then let the ideas flow like water.

Writing is an art, not a job. Never force the action.

Never write with deadlines.

Find a rabbit hole- see how deep it goes.

Always ask, "What's Next? What Now?

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