How To Find Quality Followers? Follow @mistersalesman

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by M LeMont

Quantity first, then quality. When it comes to Social Media, the key element is 'MORE'.

You need MORE of everything.

MORE Disruption and MORE Disturbance. In order for a tropical storm to develop into a hurricane, it needs MORE wind, temperature, velocity, ease of flow and "The Butterfly Effect–the unknowns that make it EXPLOSIVE!

Likewise, when you hit 100,000 Twitter Followers, something MAGICAL happens...

The Law of LARGE Numbers kicks in–a large number of followers attract MORE followers, MORE opportunities, MORE influence, MORE visibility, and MORE reach.

Now stick with me, I'm going to tell you a Secret that 99% of marketers don't know and if they do know, they're not telling anyone.

When I was approaching 200,000 followers, I knew it was time to drill down and find my target audience.

There's nothing better than having followers who are qualified to buy your product. It's like fishing in the right pond where the fish bite.

Since I sell books, I needed to find prospects that met certain criteria. So I used a strategy from my book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers to find prospects who are:

  • avid book readers

  • prospects who owned tablets

  • subscription based and bought books on-line from traditional book publishers.

  • like @simonschuster who offers a free ebook for signing up on their mailing list.

Simon & Schuster have over 600,000 Twitter followers, and the HTG100K strategy is to copy @simonschuster followers.

Yes, you heard that right! Follow the same followers who follow @simonschuster and other book publishers.

I knew if I followed the strategies outlined in my HTG100K book, 50-60% of their followers would follow back.

Now I can add qualified prospects–increase my book sales and continue to grow my followers to the moon.

Would something like that work for you? Of course, it can but you want to make sure you're at Critical Mass before you drill down for Qualified Prospects otherwise you could fail miserably at both.

It took me 11 months to gain the first 100,000 followers and 12 months to gain another 100,000. If you want to learn more, go here:


Ps. My product guarantee: If you don't get amazing results in the first 48 hours, then lunch is on me. Oh, that's not good enough? What else can I give you? Okay, I hear you loud and clear.

I'll give you a free 15 min consultation–make sure your results in the first 48 hours are incredible and make sure you're on track to gain 100,000 Twitter followers.

How's that? Then get your booty on over to Amazon and download the book and send me proof of purchase Contact Us.

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