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by M LeMont

Who deserves your time and attention? This is the best piece of marketing advice you will ever read. No Skimming.

Do you treat all your followers the same? Now think about that before you answer. Your first reaction would be, "yes, of course, I do."

Well, you shouldn't. "What! How dare you say something like that? You don't know me." Well, I know enough to tell you that all your followers don't deserve to be treated the same, and if you do, you are treating most of them wrong.

You have some followers who retweet your books and others who retweet what you had for lunch. Then you have followers who don't retweet at all. And what about those followers who buy your books and write reviews and those that don't and those followers who could care less about your book. Now, you see, it would be unfair to treat all of them the same.

In 2015 I had an excellent book launch for "How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. I ran a campaign, "I Got You! I'm All Yours," and for everyone who purchased my book-- I offered them a free 15-minute Twitter consultation and guaranteed that they would see excellent results in the first 48 hours. I continued to provide free consultations for 4 years, and to this day, I tweet a ton of free information.

There should be real meaning when you tell somebody, "I Got you! I'm all yours." Engage, give shoutouts, retweet Pinned tweets, wish someone a happy birthday, make someone smile, or say an encouraging word, "Hey, that's a great tweet. Keep up the good work."

It's the little things that often make a BIG difference. We're all vying for the same eyeballs, and everybody's got something to sell.

If you want to build relationships and gain heaps of followers, go the extra mile and make your customers feel special. Treat your followers like customers--and customers want to "Feel Special," and if you don't make them feel that way, your competition will.

I Got You! I'm All Yours.

My book How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers is available on Amazon as an Ebook and Paperback.

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