It seems that the bush is not coming back anytime soon

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It seems that the "Bush" is not coming back anytime soon according to a recent COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE survey. Now I’m not talking about some far out hairdo. In case you’re from Mars or someplace other than earth, I’m talking about "bushy" pubic hair. I don’t mind a little trimming, but for a woman to go completely bare, that’s for the birds.

I guess I'm just old fashion. I like to see a forest down there. But that’s just me and obviously, it’s not public opinion. And yes, I'm disappointed. Things are MOVING SO FAST-- I can't keep up. Wtf, it is what it is. Send me a tweet and let me know what you think.

The survey revealed what men preferred. Nearly HALF of them want their partners to shave their pubic hair completely. The survey also dives deep into intimate trimming habits.

Reveals that 90% of men trim their pubic hair

And only 17% shave bare, compared to 57% of women.

When it comes to their partners, 46% of men prefer them to shave completely.

And only 70% of women ask their partner to trim their pubic hair.

The survey said that trimming one's pubic hair is a highly intimate affair – but nearly 50% of men have a preference what they'd like a sexual partner's pubic area to look like.

The study, based on answers from 4,146 people from 18 to 35 years old, also showed that 17 percent of men prefer to go bare while 10 percent remain natural.

But the estimates also reveal big differences between what men and women expect their partners to do - 46 per cent of men insist their partner's pubic hair be shaved completely, with only 6% of them preferring a "bushy" or "natural look."

Most women are willing to compromise and are more accepting of the natural look–10% preferred.
The study found that men tend to be less forgiving of a partner whose hair doesn't fit with their wishes: 40 percent of them said they insist a partner adhere to their request.

The survey also shows that a significant majority - 57 per cent - of women choose to go bare, while 25 per cent opt for a trim and only six per cent go natural.

“I think men expect a lot more from women, in terms of grooming,” Tabitha S. told Cosmopolitan. At 32, she said she’s been asked by a previous partner to shave completely, and although she complied, both the hair removal and the request made her feel “kind of crappy.” “I thought, 'Isn’t there supposed to be some hair there?'” she said. She’s now married, and although her husband hasn’t requested a particular style, she opts for a landing strip or a trim that works with her bathing suit or lingerie.

So is this a fad or what? Is it ever going away? I mean, what is the reason behind it? That question was also asked in the survey.

Why do you groom?
I feel more attractive when it’s groomed: 51%
Hygiene: 21%
My partner prefers it: 7%
Not applicable: 6%
It makes sex better: 4%
Because of the clothing, I wear: 3%

I found it quite interesting that only a small percentage found that it made sex better.

Only a small number (3 percent of women and 5 percent of men) said they groom because it makes sex better.

But in follow-up interviews, some of the respondents reported that they had been asked to groom after their partners got tired of getting hair stuck in their teeth during oral sex.

“My first girlfriend didn’t want to go down on me with hair there, and I thought that was completely reasonable,” said Reece H. “I think for both men and women, it’s nice to not get scratched up by all that hair.”

One man made it clear how he felt--and I'd say he was a bit demanding.

'If you can feel it under her underwear or it's sticking out of a small pair of underwear, that's just not attractive to me,' Jason T, 29, said.
Jason, who is engaged, admitted that having a partner with untrimmed pubic hair would make him think twice about oral sex.

'If a girl had a full bush and didn't want to shave, that wouldn't be a deal breaker, but I also probably wouldn't go down on her very often,' he added.
The survey found that men tend to be less forgiving of a partner whose hair doesn't comply with their WANTS: 40 percent of them said they had previously asked a partner to shave completely, compared to 23 percent of women only.

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