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Excerpt taken from Book 2, Rants, Raves & Caves, Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams.


The Shocking Truth about Coincidences

What is the meaning of lightning flashes forming the letter Y in the sky? Is it just another one of God's mysteries or just a coincidence? In case you missed the lightning flash Click here.

When we can't explain something, we find comfort in saying it was a "Coincidence" so we can stay cool–in control. But what if every experience and situation were preordained then I would want to know, wouldn't you? Even though, it's hard to accept the TRUTH. It's like finding out that Santa Clause is not real or that your daddy is not really your father.

Even worse–knowing this kind of TRUTH the world will hate and despise you just like they did the CREATOR. And believe me, if they could, they would crucify you too for HIS namesake.

Now I want to share some infallible proofs.

Knowing this first, the word 'Coincidence' is man's feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. That which we don't understand we call it a 'Coincidence'.

We would be better off by observing the things that are occurring AROUND US instead of chalking it up, to 'Coincidence'. If nothing else, it shows that we're not in control as we think we are. There's a reason for everything, and the revelation always comes later.

Whether you believe in predestination or not, there are patterns and clues to the Universe that suggest that things, events, situations are pre-ordained to happen in our everyday life and the world.

Is it a "Coincidence" that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West every day? Or is it following a Divine Pattern, Purpose, and Plan?

Why do birds fly south for the winter?

And why do the Salmons make an annual run from the ocean to the upper reaches of rivers to spawn and get eaten by Grizzly bears & Bald Eagles that are awaiting their arrival?

Is it also a big fat Coincidence that the branches and roots of a tree both form the letter "Y"?

Why do the branches make the letter "Y" and not some other letter?

Now is it a coincidence when the CREATOR healed the blind man that he said, "I See Men Walking as Trees"?

And what about the tiny "Y" formations on a single leaf?

Even your own body testifies of the TRUTH–an Inner man–who is the real YOU. There's a stick figure of a red man inside your brain, called the Artery Circulatory of Willis–and it also forms the letter "Y". See the 3rd and 4th images.

It's fascinating how the CREATOR has left a trail of evidence across the vast Universe for anyone who wants to look. Scientist Margaret Geller using the Hubble Space Telescope also discovered a stick figure of a red man out in the Universe.
The image measured approximately 500 million miles wide. Click here. See the first image.
Is this another one of the so-called 'Coincidences' or is the CREATOR trying to tell us something?

Now look close at the palm of your hands, at the lines that form the letter "Y".

What about your veins, they also make the letter "Y" don't they?

How about the lightning flashes that form the letters "Y" in the sky? Click Here.

So what is the real meaning of the formations of the letter "Y" throughout the Universe?

Well, just like an artist that signs his name to a masterpiece, the letter "Y" is the signature or symbol for the Creator's divine name Yahweh.

The Whole Universe Testifies of Yahweh and Declares HIS Glory.