Meet me at the Old Creepy Cabin at Midnight

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by M LeMont Copyright © 2017 WHBone Publishing

Meet Me at the Old Creepy Cabin at Midnight


I passed Amy a note in class to meet me at The Old Creepy Cabin at Midnight.


I'm going to write my Paranormal paper there.

She said, "Okay, you better be on time or I'm gone."

I'm going to surprise Amy with soft music, champagne, and dinner by candlelight.

Smokey Robinson playing, "Turn the lights down low, baby come close."

I love you, Amy. I hope time stands still for us tonight.

... Twenty years later (a heavenless hell)

Tears fall like rain from eyes so blue
Memories of you and me, forever true

Laughter echoes, whispers in the wind

Joyful times that now seem so thin
Our love was like a rose in bloom

Brilliant, vivid, a sweet perfume
But now that rose has withered away

Leaving only pain, a debt to pay

A visage of grief I can’t ignore

Each night i look at the sky above

Hoping for a sign, a symbol

But all i see is the endless dark

A void that haunts, a ceaseless mark

A picture so perfect, it will never depart

When i close my eyes, i see your face

i hear your voice

That thing had taken her into the night

i can hear you calling my name

As long as i live, i promise i will find you

The fire will never stop burning in my heart

*the untold tragedy

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