My Rant for today

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I had a business; actually, in my lifetime, I had a lot of businesses. But I'm talking about my last business. I made a lot of money. I wouldn't say I was rich, but I made a lot. Then I went out of business; nothing lasts forever. Look back on your own life, and you'll see things change, nothing stays the same BUT CHANGE. You don't weigh the same as you did a few years ago, and probably don't have the same job either. And you definitely don't look the same as you did in your high school graduation picture. So everything changes for whatever the reason. I had two great connections on Twitter, they both ended without notice--sad. I guess, it was time. You get married to get a divorce. I've been married three times and looking forward to the 4th time, so I can get divorced again. You make money to lose money, and you lose money to make money again. It's all part of the circle of life. I told my wife what happened that I closed up shop. I was broke; she didn't believe me. Sued me for a divorce while I was down and out. No sympathy. Don't let shit circulate. Keep moving. I told everyone I was broke, nobody believed me, especially my kids. They still wanted their weekly allowances, and they were all grown ass adults. I told them that the allowances were a perk for them being my kids--but I couldn't do it anymore. My daughter murmured. Oh, dad, you don't want to give it to me. I said you weren't entitled to allowances, it was a perk. If I give you the keys to the mansion to enjoy the things inside, that doesn't mean that it's yours. You don't own it and you can't sell the damn thing. So now I'm having the same problem again with some people on Twitter, mainly men. Not about money, mind you, but about the profile picture on my page. Is that your profile picture? Now I never ask anyone if that's their picture because if it's really them, it's probably a younger version anyway. Plus, the chances are slim to none that I'll ever meet them anyway. So who cares, right? It's their preference. I tell them, that's not my picture, I'm a man. But they don't believe me. They send photos, roses, and say I love you. Now love is in on it. Look here what part of this you don't understand. I'm not a woman, I'm an effing man, dude? And they always come back, and say, but who is that in the picture if it's not you? How in the hell, do I know? I don't give a got damn ... it's a stock photo. Then why don't you put your picture up, it would be less confusion. I say... I like confusion. They agree, sort of. What is it a mystery? I answer, yes, in the beginning, but now it's a branding thing. Well, whoever she is I like that picture. I'm glad. Are you ever going to put your picture up? Probably not. I end the conversation by saying, why do Geico use an effing lizard as their company mascot? He says, okay I get it now.

Anyway, if you can't accept the truth when it's told to you... shit, I don't know what else to say... what the fuck ... it is what it is. Let me know what you think. Send me a tweet.

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