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by M LeMont

An eye-catching book cover, tile, and subtitle are like sweet music to my ears. No Hook, No Book.

One of the first things that a songwriter creates is a hook in the melody, to make a song memorable to sing or hum.

Now that's the same thing you should do when writing a book. The content must contain hooks that can be used for the title, theme and marketing.

No Hook, No Book.

Did I ever tell you the fatal mistake Napoleon Hill almost made with his first published book?

Okay, I'll tell you now.

Well, originally the book Think and Grow Rich was going to be titled, 'Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle'.

Yea, I know! What in the hell was he thinking, right? But a last-minute decision saved him from sure disaster that even his 13 Steps to Success probably couldn't have saved him.

Thank God he changed the title to THINK And Grow Rich, because it captivated the world and created many millionaires.

The first thing prospects see is either your cover or the title of your book. Both are hooks that create an appetite to want to know more.

So, finding the perfect title is crucial. Look within the book itself, before you go searching your brain for something new. The title is probably buried deep inside a line.

If your book could talk, it would scream, "It's right here, use this sentence or use this phrase!"

Your title should be short & catchy so it will stand out. Your subtitle should be long enough to describe briefly what the book is about.

Jennifer and I were originally going to title this book, Don't Write To Be Famous, Write Like You're Already Famous. Then, at the last minute, we decided the title was too long. So we shortened it to: Write Like You're Already Famous. Fewer words create more impact and grab attention.

We also designed a cover of a woman looking fearless and confident attitude along with the subtitle, "Think Differently and Leave the Competition Standing in the Dust"–the theme of our book and a great marketing piece.

Here's the Bottom line. Write with the intent to create hooks within your book and understand the effect it will have on people. No Hook, No book. (Now that's a hook, I hope you remember.)

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