One Secret That Will Get You More Retweets

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by M LeMont

One Secret That Will Get You More Retweets

The Pinned Tweet is the first thing someone see’s when they visit your profile.


It is the most powerful tool on Twitter. It can boost your followers by 50-80% by retweeting the Pinned Tweets you follow.


"I will retweet your pinned tweet if you retweet mine."

I saw that on someone's bio and thought that was a pretty cool way to get more retweets.

But the problem-- most people don't know what the hell is a pinned tweet.

Have you ever wondered why, when you retweet an author's book, he/she reciprocates by retweeting what you had for lunch?

Now go ahead and say it, "How much that shit pisses you off, especially when you have your book pinned to the top of your page.

" Okay, I'll say it for you, that shit pisses me off !" Geeez. Feel better? Anyway, for those who don't have a pinned tweet,

don't expect people to scroll down to find your book buried in your timeline.

Twitter came up with a solution to resolve this, and very few people realize what a valuable tool they have in their hands.

First, a pinned tweet is like placing an advertisement on a billboard where hundreds if not thousands of people breeze by every day and see it.

It is placed at the top of your profile page for convenience. I have my bestselling book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers pinned to the top of my page, and I've received 2.2K Retweets and 1.3K LIKES.

Consider a pinned tweet prime real estate on Twitter. I have over 150,000 profile visits per month.

That's a lot of people dropping by to read my bio and my Pinned Tweet.

The New York Times charges $130,000 for a full-page ad.

And here I get to Pin my tweet in the sky for free.

Thank you, Twitter! Although, I'm sure they're thinking about charging for the space.

I usually put my best product there and never remove it, while other people like to replace theirs every week.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but getting something pinned on your page for people to view and retweet is important.


My favorite Twitter tool is the Retweet Button. The most powerful tool you have to build relationships and gain followers.

Always take the initiative and retweet pinned tweets when following or following back.

You will probably get yours retweeted in return. The law of reciprocity says so.

Now, I will show you how to pin your favorite tweet so you won't have any excuses.


Open up your Twitter account.

Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.

Click on the three dots … dropdown menu on the top corner of the right-hand side.

Choose the option “pin to your profile.”


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