People Have Gone Ape Shit, Thanking People Way Too Much

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by M LeMont

"I have to say, the level of public thanking has been raised excessively in the USA.

We do things differently, says an English friend." ~Tudor

It has become an epidemic on Twitter–thanking people for following and retweets.

There is a gross misunderstanding that thanking someone is appropriate Twitter etiquette.

Even Twitter banned automated follow backs; that should have been a hint, right there.

Sending a thank you without giving that person a PROPER RETWEET of something meaningful to them, is flat out disrespectful.

  • It shows that you want something for nothing. That's right, you want to be their friend without earning it.

  • It means you are too busy to dig deep and find something meaningful to discuss or retweet.

  • It takes more than a thank you to win friends and build relationships.

  • It also means–when you say, "Thank you for the awesome retweets." What you're really saying is–please keep retweeting my posts, so I can reach a larger audience and I will keep saying thank you.

"User!" Who do you think you are? Other people want to expand their market too!

Okay, you say I'm going a bit overboard?

Maybe, but probably not. Look at some Twitter profiles and you'll see what I mean.

Some profiles are filled to the brim with thanking people.

A friend got this tweet from a follower who he thanked a dozen times.

Please, you're killing me–stop thanking me. I get the point.

But the other follower didn't get the point. He was too lazy, or into his on self-promotions, to do anything else, except say thank you to the person every day.

He hoped that was enough to keep the follower retweeting for him.

But, "Thank you" loses its effect after a while.

The fastest way to win someone's favor is to retweet their book, website, pictures or product.

Then what you're saying is, "Hey, I'm retweeting instead of saying thank you for following me.

I want to get to know you– I’m interested in what you share and perhaps one day, my followers or I will be getting your book or product.

But thanking someone every chance you get is a lazy and selfish man's approach that leads nowhere.

I watch helplessly as hundreds and thousands of "thank you's" stream across my computer screen. Today, I got tired and decided to let everyone know.

It's okay, you're under no obligation–you can stop–you won't wind up in Twitter jail because you don't say, 'Thank You.'

So, please don't expect a thank you from us, it's business–we'll find something meaningful in your profile to retweet.

Hopefully, you have your favorite tweet pinned to the top of your profile page. If not, check the video below on how to Pin a tweet.

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