Stop Making Stupid People Famous

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by M LeMont

Stop Making Stupid People Famous. The one thing you should do now to gain more followers.

Comment: @MisterSalesman can you make this guy follow me, please I need your help.

My response: Geez, he's a celebrity. Why make stupid people famous? Unfollow their asses!

Commenter: hahaha I'm so sad because I tweeted him 55 times for a follow back but he didn't.

My response:) If you want him to follow you then build a Twitter platform of a million followers. Then the Walking Dead man will follow you." lol!

Celebrity Profile: Following 9,900 Followers 1.6million

The above profile 1.6 million followers and 9900 following make me sick to my stomach just looking at those numbers. When people don't follow back, it's a trick! They're tricking you!!!! Did I make that clear? Some users are already famous who don't follow back, while others you're making famous. They follow, then turn around & unfollow to avoid the Twitter limits; it allows them to follow more people and causes you to follow less. That's the reason why a majority of people are stuck at 1000 followers.

Have you ever seen tweets that said?

"Thank you for the follow; I will follow back soon?" Or "I can't follow back right now; the message said I've reached my Twitter limit."

Well, the users have been suspended from following more people until the follower count catches up to the number of people they're following. They've hit the Twitter limits.

So the rule you must learn is simple:

Never follow people who don't follow you.

There are no exceptions.

My Message) "Why follow people who don't follow you? Stop making stupid people famous!"

I often receive some interesting comments:
Comment:) "@MisterSalesman Take the time to see what ya think about them before you unfollow! "

My response:) "You think?"

Commenter:) "Can't hurt, may learn from them, tweet them & they follow!"

My response:) "But oh, my dear, it could hurt much more than you know."

A quick glance at her profile revealed she was on her way to being stuck under 1000 followers. Following 954 and Followers 451. The Twitter rule kicks in after you hit 5000 following and you will be temporarily suspended for following any more people.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t get it. Your Twitter account will be restricted, for following too many people and not getting a fair amount of those to be followers. In other words, you’ll be in Twitter jail and cannot follow back or follow any more people until your ratio between Following and Followers is in line.

Why Make Stupid People Famous when they will not follow back and throw you in Twitter jail.

When I first discovered the strategies that are in my book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, I had over 3,000 users who unfollowed or never followed back. I had been carrying them in my following count for several months.

The one thing you should do right now to turn your Twitter account around is to Unfollow people who don't follow you.

That is part of a 6 step formula that I use to grow my account to 375,000 Followers in just over 2 years.

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