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Success requires skills.

"When you master the skills required to perform at the top of your field, you will be successful in your field. It's as simple as that. The problem is most folks don't understand the crucial skills you need to succeed. Most writers think they just have to become better writers in order to succeed.They think, "If I could just find the right words to put in my book, then I'd be successful!" But the truth is one skill is NEVER enough to succeed in any field. Even if you were the BEST writer in the world, so what? How would anyone even know? You need to master complementary skills to rise to the top. For example, if you're a writer, marketing is a crucial skill you'll need to learn if you want people to read your work." ~Tom Corson-Knowles

That quote is a perfect segway into what I want to say. In a world where it seems that everyone has a book published, being average is not enough if you want to be a winner. Or if you want to make a living from being an author. It doesn't take much to be average; just think like everybody else and write like everybody else and market your books like everybody else. And where will that get you? Nowhere. Probably selling one book a month if you're lucky but more than likely one book a year. I know that's harsh, but it's a reality. Someone tweeted this message the other day, "I am an author and I've published my first book, you can download for free here." I wanted to say oh no!!!! That's why everyone is having a hard time selling books, there's a glut of free books on the market and you're doing the same thing everyone else is doing. And you're bound to get the same results.

You need skills, more skills are required. The more skills that you can add to your arsenal the more of an advantage you have. Why show up to a gunfight with a knife? Your opponent is out to take what's yours--book sales. The winner takes all. Oh, and who's your opponent, you ask? Everyone who's published a book, and saturated the market by giving them away for free. You must practice every day, out work, grind, and out think, out smart the competition, and make your writing and marketing stand out. And stop following the herd, and have no fear of rejection or criticism. Success is a mindset and having the right skills is essential if you want to play the game at a high level.

The things your best English teacher taught you in high school did nothing to prepare you for the things you need to know today. Actually, they could have hurt more than help. If you want to learn the skills that will give you an unfair advantage, and make you stand out from the crowd, then grab a copy of my book, Write Like You're Already Famous. CLICK HERE

Onward through the fog, Captain:) I heard a voice that said,"FIND ME." I said, I will. Show me how!