The Real Meaning of Potential

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by M LeMont

People get excited when someone tells them they have potential--you're going to be great one day.

I bet you've been told that a few times in your life, haven't you?

Well, it ain't all roses--it ain't all candy. To be great at something is demanding, the grind and sacrifice.

So don't fall for that trap–-the world is full of people with potential.

The real meaning of potential is unrealized ability. It means nothing if you don't continue to practice and improve your skills. There are a lot of people with potential, but they fall short because they don't push themselves. They don't try to be CREATIVE and find new ways of elevating themselves. They don't study the works of other people. They don't read books or watch movies with the intention of getting better.

They just sit there for the rest of their life, enjoying the compliment–-you have potential-–broke and unhappy.

Now the next time somebody says you got potential--you're going to be great when you figure it out.

Look them square in the eyes and say that's bullshit! You're the one got potential--you figure it out--you go figure it out--you suck it up. I'm getting better every day.

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