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The Unforgiving

Who are they?

They are people who are quick to judge.

You know the kind?

They are the first to cast the biggest stone when they find a mistake inside your book or a post that you wrote.

I always tell them, "You're hired now go fix that shit and don't let it happen again."

You would think the world had ended or something.

Now I'm not trying to make excuses for making mistakes or errors, but it's not like jumping out a plane and your parachute, not opening.

And it's not like you made a corporate mistake and had to lay off 50% of your workforce or the president accidentally launching a missile on Russia. OMG, I hope he doesn't get trigger happy and knows what the fuck he's doing.

Anyway, making mistakes can be an opportunity to make things better by post editing your book, posts, or tweets. It's a crime only if you don't fix it when you find out about it.

So relax, don't let the UNFORGIVING get under your skin.

Whatever the mistake you can fix it.

We live in a digital world.

So you can always post-edit your manuscript.

Correct mistakes, rewrite add a scene whatever you want to make your book better after publishing it

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