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The following excerpt is taken from my novel Shh! Kiss Me Baby.

What would you do if you were up 25K at the world's famous casino?

It was 2012, how could I ever forget–the best time of my life.
I took Mary Jane in my Lear Jet on a late night shopping spree to Macau, a small island off the coast of Hong Kong. We stayed at the fabulous Venetian Macau Resort. The hotel had more floor space than four football fields, and the casino was twice the size of the Las Vegas Venetian.

Mary Jane was up $25,000 on the Blackjack table, but if she kept playing, the casino would win it all back–plus some. It's hard to quit when you're losing, and even harder to quit when you're winning. The Pit boss walked over to the table with three fresh decks. While we waited for the dealer to load and shuffle, I said, "Okay baby, it's time to go."
Mary Jane looked astonished, "What? I'm winning," she said, wearing a pair of sexy, black square rim glasses which were framed by her dark eyebrows and long black hair that was flipped to one side.

'Nothing renders me helpless like a gorgeous woman. She was slim, 5 ft 9, 120 pounds, and pretty brown eyes."

I haven't been the same since I met her, and I'm considered to be a ladies' man–single, handsome, and rich.

I taught Mary Jane everything she knew about the secret blackjack strategy, but not everything I knew.
Deep down inside she knew I was right, so she pressed her pretty pink lips on a $500 chip and slid it to the dealer and said, "Merci beaucoup." Thank you very much. Okay, I'm ready baby," she said in a very seductive tone. Shit, I couldn't wait to get back to our luxury suite for cocktails.

Then the Pit Boss came over and said something in Chinese, "你好先生." (Hello Mr.)
I shook my head, so he broke it down to a more simplified language, "Hu-row Suhh, you rike lady--stay and play, yes?"
Simplified, my ass! I'm glad I was a pretty good Scramble player, otherwise I wouldn't have the foggiest idea--what the hell, he said.

"Yes sir, I like lady–but no, we leave," pointing towards the door.
"Suhh, you--keep playing," now standing in the pathway, he put his hand on my shoulder, paused for a moment and started to speak.... Now, I don't like anyone putting their hands on me, so I interrupted him and said, "Pardon me, if you don't get the fuck out the way, they will be looking for your reflection on the snow covered mountains of Macao."
Out of nowhere, I was surrounded by the Chinese Swat gang. Two of the men looked to be Japanese wrestlers whose bellies dragged the floor like hungry dinosaurs that had eaten too much. Both stood with their arms folded and a scowl on their face that said, "Come on, make my day."

"Even a thug knows when to bow down to another thug."--Tupac Shakur

I wasn't opposed to a good fight–I stood 6 ft. 2 inches, 220 pounds of muscle and had a dan (段) first degree black belt in Karate, which didn't mean shit to them. Now, I reasoned that I could probably take out the other guys, but these two big ugly Motherfuckers, well I didn't have a chance. So, the rational part of my brain sent me a signal, and I said, "Okay guys, I'm outnumbered twenty-five to one–what can we do here that's a deal maker? I'm a businessman and land developer in Las Vegas–I visit Macao, quite often." They weren't listening. I got into my Bruce Lee, Praying Mantis stance–hands, up–legs bent–eyes bucked. Ready for action. That look alone scares the shit out of people.

Then the Pit boss interrupted and said in perfect English, "Mr. Buddy Brown we thought that was you, but we weren't sure, please accept our apologies. You're the only one that comes in here–beat the casino for 25k and leaves the joint. The last time I saw you, you had hair, that's why the surveillance guys didn't recognize you.
Mary Jane uttered, "Hair?"

The Pitt Boss continued, "The casino would like to extend its hospitality and give you and the lady, 10 nights complimentary room and meals."

I said, "Now that makes more fucking sense–here's my card and room number. You can start with champagne and a breakfast buffet tonight on the balcony."


What would you have done if you were up $25,000 in a casino? Would you have the guts to get up from the table and leave?

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