Why Do Skeptics Run From This Book?

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by M LeMont


Skeptical buyers make great customers.

All they want to know is that something works.

"I'm from Missouri, "The Show Me State," and you'll have to show me!"

Are these the 'Nerds' you were looking for, sir?

Yes, Yes, where did you find them?

They took "Math 55" at Harvard, Professor Ben's class...

Okay, tell them to justify this product with Quantitative Research and publish the results in the International Journal of Mathematics.

Sure deal. The truth is in the numbers.

Well, that didn't happen, but I do have the numbers. Keep reading.


Why Do Skeptics Run From This Book?

It's simple. Since the beginning of time, people have been deceiving and being deceived.

Selling everything from beach property in Florida,

timeshare programs, snakeskin oils, to magic weight loss pills.

Scammers have made it bad for everyone.

I saw an ad the other day, Smart Brain Pills/Increase IQ overnight.

Go figure! Smart Brain Pills, hell, what about weed?

Okay anyway,

Life's Rules: Protect yourself at all times. Trust nobody blindly. Trust with verification,

and never take advice from someone that has less than you. Verify my follower count of 385,600 here.

There are over 5,000 Twitter books published and a ton of free information on Google,

and most of the authors have less than 2,000 followers and won't give their @handle to verify.

We all have bought a product that didn't work.

So I can't blame the skeptics for not buying my book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by An Expert.

especially in the early beginning. But now there's too much proof that the book works,

and it's foolish to wait another second.


If you are a business owner, author, or blogger and want to sell products on the Internet,

then you must build a social media platform to launch from.

You must build FAST and build STRONG. It's been over six years, April 2015, since I published the book.

In the beginning, the title itself scared many people away–nobody believed it was possible to create a system to gain followers.

But that didn't bother me, not one bit. I knew what I had, and the book would live up to its title–it was just a matter of time.

Now 248 reviews later, the book is responsible for helping Twitter users collectively gain more than 4 million followers.

Here are some of my customers that hit the 100K mark.

I share this list so you may have confidence that the book works. If it worked for them, it will work for you too.

But please don't tell anybody.




We wouldn't want the word to spread too fast ... now would we?



Most of them had one thing in common–they all had less than 2,000 followers when they bought the book,

except for @DivMeta had 65 followers, and @osideo had only 45.

The time for being a skeptic is over.

Everybody needs a presence on social media.

Follow these people and see the results for yourself live on Twitter.

Update: @DoriCreates 368,900! @TableOfferings 205,000! @JuliaGrantham2, 299,000! @PsychicHealerC @claudia_oltean 148,000, 167,000 @enriquillo2 136,000 @goodsolitaire 136,000! @bobbyblaze744, 147,000! @DivMeta 158,00 @osideo 127,000! @Tammysdragonfly 150,000! @EroticaTiffany 103,000! @Randomitable 100,000! @AmyJRomine 101,000 @AReeceAuthor 92,000! @AaronDYeoman 74,000 @m_rjoseph 59,000 @AuthorSLloyd1 50,000 @davebaileyme 46,000 @TheWaringWomen 75,000 @DaleRominger 56,000 @lawrence_wray 43,000 @JoeGadway 43,000 @TheHojer 32,000 @RichardHWebb 20,000 @TheJennieration 23,000.


Believing is like sitting down in a chair for the first time. The more you sit in the chair, the more you believe it won't break. So the same is true on Twitter. The more you observe others gaining followers, the more you believe it can be done.


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