Why Fellow Authors don't tell you they bought your book

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by M LeMont

Why don't fellow authors tell you when they purchase your book? Well, I can think of three reasons–who knows there may be more.

First, they don't want you to ask them about writing a review, especially if the book is poorly written and just plain crap.

I know that's scary, and I hesitated about saying it–but C'mon guys you know it's true. Don't you?

Okay, the second reason–they don't want you asking have you read my book yet? That's like your kids bugging the hell out you–Mommie are we there yet?

Now don't laugh, okay go ahead laugh because you know it's true.

And the last reason, which is the most horrifying of them all–they don't have any intentions of writing a book review no matter how good your book is so they can sneak in and out like a thief in the night and you'll never know the difference.

Now that's a crying shame, isn't it? Those are your fellow authors for GOODNESS SAKE, and you know how important book reviews are.

The greatest reward for any author after he poured his heart and soul into a book and lay on the battlefield exhausted is to read a review from someone who enjoyed his work–especially a 'peer.' That means more than anything.

Authors are one the largest online communities and are the worse group when it comes to supporting other authors. I hope that this post will make you think and give a more kind consideration to giving fellow authors a 'heads up' that you purchased their book, and that you'll write a review. After all, we are in the same cesspool of bullshit, and we need each other–reviews are hard to come by.

And, by the way, I've written 20 books in less than two years. How is that possible? Because I know the process–like McDonald's makes fast food. I write each book fast with high-quality content, no fat, and no filler words. How-to- books, novels, short storybooks, contemporary poetry.

Anyway, here's my latest novel, Harry's Love Letters Hacked



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