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by M LeMont

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Nickspidle, "I have a hard time believing people don't know about the app, though."

I know, I was like everybody else. It's hard to believe. But that doesn't keep it from being true.

If you're reading this article, I'm willing to bet that you're reading it on a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet.

You're probably away from home, eating a meal, lying in bed, or standing in line somewhere.

According to recent studies, people engage, communicate, and post using their phones and tablets, especially PCs. If you think that's good news, you better keep reading.

More people access the Internet wherever they go, 24 hours a day.

People are staying connected and are dependent on their mobile devices like bees are to honey.

The facts

1. More than seventy percent of Internet users access the Internet via mobile devices instead of a PC.

2. Mobile users spend more time on social media like Facebook and Twitter than any other social activity.

3. Mobile devices are used for texting, email, research, maps, stocks, interviews, college courses, e-books, etc.

Now that should be good news for authors–more mobile devices translate into more ebook sales, right? Wrong.

Less than 10% of mobile users have a Kindle. That means that 90% of your loyal followers, fans, and prospects couldn't buy your e-book if they wanted to. It also means those same people who click your links, read your blog and click your Amazon book link are unaware if they don't have a Kindle, they can download a free app for their smartphone, PC, or tablet.

No wonder author book sales are low and almost non-existent.

Everyone suffers from a lack of knowledge. Wait! Here's another problem. In the past, the image was small and hard to find. It took me 30 minutes to find the free Kindle app on Amazon–if you're not looking for it, it's easy to overlook. However, they've created a larger image located right under your book, which is better. But don't assume that won’t change or that the prospect sees it or knows how to use it, especially if they don't read books or buy mostly print books.

Here's the solution

If you want to increase e-book sales, then educate your prospect about the free Kindle app. When you send someone your book link, you should tell them about the free kindle app. Please don't assume that they know because I can assure you-- they don't! Here's an actual message that I send to a prospect. Thanks for your interest. Here's the link to my book buy on Amazon Write Like You're Already Famous it includes many ideas about marketing, writing, and self-publishing. Also, if you don't have a Kindle, download the free app for cell, PC, or tablet

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