Why you need a Twitter Coach


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by M LeMont

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Finding prospects on Twitter is like fishing in the ocean too many fish.

Adapt. Be Beautiful. Be the Ocean.

Who is your ideal customer?

How do you find them?

Do you find them via mail order by copying names from a phone book,

knocking on doors, or cold calling?

Of course not. That's wasted energy.


The problem people have selling on Twitter is they’re trying to sell to everybody.

There are an estimated 400 million users on Twitter ... and they must find you.

You must write to attract them.

If you're an author selling books, some prospects won't have a Kindle.

Some of them haven't read a book since high school.

Some of them never purchased anything online.

Some of them are too busy or not interested to even read your tweet.

Some of them don't even know how to read!


It's all about word of mouth. It must match with a great product, book,

title, cover, price, marketing, etc. The more followers you have, the more opportunities you have for things to match.

With all the new Twitter tools, this is an ideal moment to rapidly grow your account.

The window of opportunity can be challenging and can close quickly.


I once asked a client what she thought about the Twitter's "Follow All" app.

She said, "I saw it, but that's about it.

I jokingly said you must develop a keen sense of what you see.

Don’t be like the two fish that met an old fish 🐟 he said how’s the water boys?

The 2 young fish looked at each other confused 😧 and said, what water?

LOL... I'm confused. She said. "Explain to me Obi Wan Kenobi."

Well, the two fish were oblivious to the water and swam in it every day.

Just like most people are oblivious to the Crown Jewel "Follow All" on Twitter

Some see it and pass it by; some use it and think it's not for them.


That's why you need a Twitter Coach. Some of the Top CEOs like Amazon’s 'Jeff Bezos,

Google's Larry Page, and even the late Steve Jobs have used an outside coach.

Tom Brady (the G.O.A.T.) Greatest of All Time has a QB Coach and the CEO of Sprint, just to name a few.

Studies prove there's a relationship between high performance & coaching' at any level of business.


Here is a list of people who benefited from my coaching, consultations, books, or reports. Most started with less than 3,000 followers, and some less than 100. If they can do it, you can too! I've provided their Twitter handles if you like to contact them.


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